Thirsty Thursday (21 Images)

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10 Responses to “Thirsty Thursday (21 Images)”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach how about instead of just the images you post a link to the Carrie Prejean sex tape video. The one that caused her to drop her law suit. Always a laugh when something like that turns up on the hard right christian side,

  2. Trish says:

    Ah, the evil one is back. Wouldn’t be Thursday without a rude and demeaning comment from Friar John…

  3. John just proves my point that liberals have no sense of humor and don’t like to have fun.

    John, these picture posts are completely non-political. I avoid pictures that might go with the pictorial that have a political tone, even if funny.

  4. Duncan says:

    Teach, I’m going to feed the troll… sorry…

    “There was also a video of Al Gore having sex with a thai tranny hooker, a cuisinart, and toothpaste, which caused him to drop his bid for President in 2000 after it was showed to him. It has never been released, and is apparently so graphic that even TMZ won’t show it…..”

    That ’bout sums up that article you linked to and its evidence….

  5. I so did not need to know about that tranny thing 😀

  6. Duncan says:

    Sorry. The visual is indeed horrendous…

  7. O Bloody Hell says:

    > That ’bout sums up that article you linked to and its evidence…

    Well, it’s not hard to find the TMZ article on it. I see no reason to assume TMZ is lying about the tape. Either way — who f***ing cares?

    If you DON’T do anything like that, the libtards call you a sexually repressed ass****.

    If you DO do something like that, suddenly you’re in violation of “the Christian standards” which THEY get to define. Sorry, I’m not ceding that power to them.

    In short, by -definition-, **you lose**.

    If the tape exists, it means she is human, and has had sex. OOOOOOOO, it’s the end of the world.

    Further — funny how hypocrisy only matters to The Left when it’s someone else’s.

    The Right needs to stop being defensive and ram it right back down their throats. When they whine about Larry Craig, ask them about William Jefferson’s Cold Hard Cash… and then ask which is worse as a politician who is a closet homosexual (a minefield for them anyway, if you’re prepared) or a known bribe taker?

  8. I couldn’t even eat lunch, Duncan! 🙂

    You have some excellent points, OBH. Interestingly, I was defending Craig, saying “um, it was a misdemeanor, and person.” Got smacked around by some conservatives. If larry wanted to be gay, hey, none of my business. It’s not like he took $100k in bribe money, as you point out.

  9. TFMo says:

    Ugh. Teach, your Troll is sleazing around my JBYP site and pooping in the wife’s flower bed. You wanna go collect him or should I just call Animal Control?

    He tried that moronic “If you don’t agree with AGW then you must hate the military since THEY believe AGW” nonsense. AGAIN.

    On a different note, MORE CHUCKIE VS THE 9 PRINCIPLES CARTOONS! We’re up to the 6th now! Come! Come join us in our reindeer games!

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