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Kentucky Census Worker Officially Comitted Suicide, The Left Completely Pwnd

OK, all you lefties who blamed the death of the Kentucky census worker on TEA Parties, right wing extremists, etc, time for you to suck it up and say you were wrong, and we will be generous enough to accept your apologies A Kentucky census worker found hanging from a tree with the word “fed” […]

Let’s Play In The Snow! (20 Images)

Obama To Hold Another Prime Timer To Explain Our Afghanistan Strategy To Islamic Extremists

It’s about darned time that Obama has made a decision regarding Afghanistan. According to McClatchy, Barry will send 34,000 troops to Afghanistan, far below the number General McCrystal has requested. So, he finally has his strategy, but, you will just have to wait for it, peeps President Obama has conducted a final meeting on his […]

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