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British Eco-Tourists Eaten By Penguins!

Ok, not really, but, the fantasies about anthropogenic global warming are getting rather icy MORE than 100 penguin-loving tourists including dozens from Britain are trapped by ice off Antarctica aboard a Russian ice-breaker cruise ship, officials and the tour operator said today. The Kapitan Khlebnikov is in a bay near Snow Hill island, located off […]

A Bit Of Color Splash For A Tuesday (20 Images)

Aside: Jawa Report On Jihadist Hasan

The Jawa Report: Maj. Hasan tried to open war crimes prosecutions on patients

Chinese PWN Obama During Human Rights Speech

This is the kind of thing that was bound to happen after the Sec. Of State started off the year by telling the Chinese government that human rights were second to economic survival. It’s also the the kind of thing a country can do when they hold a huge chunk of the U.S. debt in […]

Aside: Nice Deb On War On Christmas

Nice Deb: Massachusetts School Bans Christmas Items From “Holiday” Shop

Aside: Blogs For Victory

Blogs For Victory: Are GM Bailout Funds Being Spent Overseas?

Dan Riehl Goes Off On Obama

I’d usually put links like this in the Asides on the sidebar (which I have been slack about as of late. It’s the busy season at work.) But, deserves front page: The Un-American Elistist Moron In The White House.

Oops! Americans Overwhelmingly Disagree With Obama On Civilian KSM Trial

I didn’t write it in my post on KSM, but, I did drop some comments around some sites wondering what the polls would say regarding Obama’s gaffetastic idea to prosecute KSM and the other folks involved with 9/11 in civilian courts in NYC, two blocks from the site where the World Trade Center stood. About […]

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