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Oh, Hey, Look, Another Chicken (deleted) Republican

Now, I will admit, Michelle Bachmann went a bit overboard regarding the 2010 Census (which many Conservatives disagreed with me about), but, other than that, she has been on the money for most of the year, is firing Conservatives up, and getting Independents involved. So, of course, some Republican has to speak out. But, how? […]

Wed. Random, Plus A Few More Places The Zombies Won’t Get Me (21 Images)

AGW Today: Attacking The Messenger

Just a continuation of the standard Climahysteric tactic of attacking the messenger, rather than dealing with the message Has anybody ever faced more ad hominem attacks than Al Gore? He claims he invented the internet (he didn’t); he’s fat (OK, so he was); his movie is full of lies (it wasn’t); his home burns more […]

I’m Thinking Democrats Are Not Going To Like “V”

So, ABC does a remake of the 1980’s mini-series “V,” turning it into a weekly show. Cool. Space monsters. Classic formula. Imagine this. At a time of political turmoil, a charismatic, telegenic new leader arrives virtually out of nowhere. He offers a message of hope and reconciliation based on compromise and promises to marshal technology […]

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