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Let’s Play Underwater! (20 Images)

It’s Burkha Barbie! No, Seriously. I’m Not Kidding. Really

How to spread Dhimmitude to young girls of Progressive parents One of the world’s most famous children’s toys, Barbie, has been given a makeover  – wearing a burkha. Wearing the traditional Islamic dress, the iconic doll is going undercover for a charity auction in connection with Sotheby’s for Save The Children. More than 500 Barbies […]

As AGW Is Exposed As A Hoax, EU President Tells Us The Real Purpose

On Friday, we found out that the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit server was hacked, which was, as The Air Vent put it, 62mb of gold. The files, especially the emails, are very damning to the AGW movement, and could be the final nail in the coffin of human induced global warming, er, […]

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