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Aside: More Baby Blogs!

Just Because You’re Paranoid: Chuckie Vs The 9 Principles, Part 1 from TFMo!

Pelosi’s Health Bill The Worst Legislation Ever?

So says the Wall Street Journal Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly told fellow Democrats that she’s prepared to lose seats in 2010 if that’s what it takes to pass ObamaCare, and little wonder. The health bill she unwrapped last Thursday, which President Obama hailed as a “critical milestone,” may well be the worst piece of […]

Some Monday Motivation For Ya (20 Images)

AGW Bill On Life Support In Senate, Puppies May Die

I think we can firmly place this in the category of “good news for a Monday” The climate-change bill that has been moving slowly through the Senate will face a stark political reality when it emerges for committee debate on Tuesday: With Democrats deeply divided on the issue, unless some Republican lawmakers risk the backlash […]

Aside: Right Wing News’ Poll Of Least Favorite Lefties

Right Wing News: Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select Their Least Favorite People On The Left (2009 Edition)

Karzai Declared Winner In Afghanistan: What Does Obama Do Now?

Regardless of any issues with the Afghanistan election, Karzai is the winner Afghan election officials canceled a presidential runoff and proclaimed the reelection of President Hamid Karzai on Monday, a day after Karzai’s top challenger declared he would not take part in a second round of voting scheduled for Saturday because of a persistent risk […]

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