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Obama Bows-The Unedited Picture

Nice Deb has a few more of the pictures the media doesn’t want you to see.

NY Times Discovers That MSNBC Is Full Of Lefty Partisan Hacks

Well, really, I don’t blame them that much for taking so long. Why should anyone who works at the Grey Lady watch the network? No one else does: MSNBC Presses Obama on Campaign Promises If President Obama happened to glance at “The Rachel Maddow Show” last Monday, he might have winced. And Maddow would have […]

Oh, Noes! Climate Change Could Kill Italy’s Pasta!

If it is a day ending in a “y,” it must be a day for climahysteria (via The Clamour Of The Times) Scientists will this week warn that Italy may be forced to import the basic ingredients for pasta, its national food, because climate change will make it impossible to grow durum wheat. In a […]

It’s Monday. How’s Your Day Going? (20 Images)

President Neophyte Gets Snippy Over Afghanistan Questioning

I suppose when you are used to the press treating you like you are a barely teenaged Disney TV star, you get a bit snippy when they ask you tough questions President Barack Obama made no effort to conceal his irritation when his press corps used the first question of his maiden Far East trip […]

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