Oh, Noes! Climate Change Could Kill Italy’s Pasta!

If it is a day ending in a “y,” it must be a day for climahysteria (via The Clamour Of The Times)

Scientists will this week warn that Italy may be forced to import the basic ingredients for pasta, its national food, because climate change will make it impossible to grow durum wheat.

In a report to be released by the Met Office tomorrow, scientists predict that Italy’s durum yields will start to decline from 2020 and the crop will almost disappear from the country later this century.

The report will say: “Projected climate changes in this region, in particular rising temperature and decreasing rainfall, may seriously compromise wheat yields.”

Is this the same Met Office who was left red faced after predicting a “barbecue summer,” yet ended up with an wet summer? The same one that had to back off on their unhinged Arctic predictions? The one that refuses to release their raw data? The one that is throwing out yet another “we only have 10 years left” prediction? That one?

Meanwhile, Al Gore was boo’d by hundreds of people during a speech in Florida.

The AP beclowns itself with a story about Hawaii’s shrinking beaches, caused by AGW, of course, but…

Chip Fletcher, a University of Hawaii geology professor, says scientists in Hawaii haven’t yet observed an accelerated rate of sea level rise due to global warming.

Instead, the erosion the islands are experiencing now is caused by several factors including a steady historical climb in sea levels that likely dates back to the 19th century.


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15 Responses to “Oh, Noes! Climate Change Could Kill Italy’s Pasta!”

  1. Otter says:

    The situation with no ocean rise at Hawaii reminds me of the Maldives.

    In the 70s the ocean levels dropped across that region. One can still see the beachlines from those days. The ocean level dropped a full 8 inches…

    Once it began to rise BACK TO THE LEVEL IT HAD BEEN AT PRIOR, hysterics began about the Maldives sinking.

    Some people just seem to Hope for bad things to happen…

  2. John Ryan says:

    Otter if you had bothered to look at anything beyond a Telegraph article you would have seen that Morner had been completely refuted and that the sea level has been rising. Also Teach the new NCDC global climate data has been published for the month of Oct. Since you cited their figures a week ago for the USA don’t you think that their GLOBAL data should also be mentioned.
    And here is just some of the Morner refutations. http://www.jennifermarohasy.com/blog/archives/002611.html
    And of course even here in the USA record highs are VASTLY outpacing record lows.

  3. manbearpig says:

    According to the study’s findings, if temperatures were not warming, the number of daily highs and lows being set each year would be approximately even.

    My question is what evidence is there to support this conclusion? This data supposedly shows almost a 2-1 record high v. record low and that somehow proves manmade global warming?

  4. John Ryan says:

    Well, M.B.P that only proves the temps are going UP, AGW vGW was not addressed. HOWEVER since the temps have been rising for the past decade, and since this also has been occurring during a cool/dim Sun and volcanic activity is at a slightly below normal level also those findings tend to support AGW. And of course as I have pointed out before the Pentagon ALSO believe not only in GW but AGW. http://www.strategicstudiesinstitute.army.mil/pubs/display.cfm?pubID=932
    The second link is how climate change in the arctic will effect the US Navy
    M.B.P the US Army and the US NAvy believe in AGW, why don’t you ? DO you know something they don’t ? If so, PLEASE tell them immediately.

  5. John Ryan says:

    And here is a link to NASA showing that the sun is dim and inactive, 2008 and 2009 were the weakest ever recorded. Gee I wonder what will happen when it goes HOT !! http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2009/29may_noaaprediction.htm

  6. Kevin says:

    I hesitate to buy into the global warming alarmism, but I’ve done some calculations, and am now scared. Did you know that if the Earth warmed by only ten thousand degrees*, plants would have a much harder time growing? That’s if my calculations are right, but I think they are.

    * – ten thousand degrees FAHRENHEIT, not Celsius. I’m not trying to be absurd here and discuss what would happen if the world temps increased 10k deg C. Although I will offer a few predictions, should such a horrible thing come to pass. Ice cream will be a thing of the past. Dogs and cats will shack up together, but not marry, although bills will be passed to allow dog/cat marriage. Air conditioners will be declared anathema, though politicians will be able to use them as long as they pray to the Al Gore statues.

  7. John Ryan says:

    Kevin are you another one who believes that the US Army AND the US Navy are being “alarmist” and over reacting ? Mocking our military, how patriotic of you !!

  8. TFMo says:

    I’ll remind you once again, John. A FEW people in the upper echelons of the military are buying into the AGW nonsense. It does NOT mean that ALL THREE MILLION members of the military agree.

    And the article you site ad infinitum begins with those same people saying that they do NOT know if the climate changes that are occurring have piss-all to do with Man’s activities. It’s not until near the end that a RETIRED guy makes that claim.

    I will also point out AGAIN that the person in charge of our military is the President. Our current President is most certainly pushing the AGW agenda.

    Your assertion is that a handful of people in the military means a totality. By your logic, since you support Obama, you are anti-Semitic, pro-sharia, pro-communism, pro-abortion, anti-military, anti-free market, anti-free speech, and a racist, since he has appointed people in his cabinet, his czars, and other various positions that hold these positions.

    I will also remind you AGAIN that there is a difference between AGW and actual climate change. Is the climate changing? Of course. That’s what it does. It’s been changing since the planet first formed, and it will continue changing until we’re engulfed by the sun. Is Man to blame? Doubtful, given that humans have only been around for a fraction of the Earth’s existence, and only industrialized for a fraction of that.

  9. John Ryan says:

    well we do agree that it is changing then and that it is getting warmer. Ok here are some more reports from military sources that were done under the PREVIOUS administration http://www.armytimes.com/news/2007/04/military_global_warming_070416/
    You will notice this one cites”scientific consensus”
    The Navy againhttp://eaves.ca/2007/10/24/the-us-navy-global-warmings-latest-convert/
    This one points out how the Navy is seen to be going against Bush and the other climate change deniers.http://eaves.ca/2007/10/24/the-us-navy-global-warmings-latest-convert/
    So a few people, no that is wrong, the leadership of our military believes in global climate change. THE NAVY as an institution believes in climate change, not just a few upper echelon officers.
    Those that deny AGW have not been able to present ANY other reason for the climate change, certainly not the sun which is dim and cool and has been for the past decade. Scientific consensus, yeah from the same people who brought you “evolution’ and the “old earth theory” are now saying that climate change is in fact connected to greenhouse gases .
    Climate deniers are the people who deny science, many believe that the earth is less than 10,000 years old and that the Grand Canyon was made by the Great Flood.
    The Pentagon does not believe that Global Cooling is about to begin, they believe the scientists that say that the earth will continue to warm because of green hose gases

  10. TFMo says:

    No, John, the NAVY as an institution does NOT believe it. For your statement to be true, EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE NAVY would have to agree. They don’t. Out of the half-a-dozen people in the Navy I know personally, not ONE of them buys AGW. Does that mean NO ONE in the Navy believes AGW? Of course not. Nor does your assertion that EVERYONE in the Navy believes it just because a handful of brass are saying it.

    Haven’t been able to produce ANY other reason for the changes in climate? Wrong again. There are hundreds of reasons why our climate is changing. For one, our climate is not FIXED. Nor is our orbit, nor is the orbit of our sun or our moon, nor are the tides, nor are the birth and death rates of the various flora and fauna, nor is the ambient cosmic energy that flows throughout the universe. You seem to believe that this is a world of constants. It isn’t. It fluctuates constantly. Throughout our world’s history, weather has been warm, and it has been cool. It has gone to extremes of both. It will continue to do so whether humans are here or not.

    You are so given to blanket statements, no wonder you buy the “consensus.” I’m a “climate denier.” I don’t believe the world is less than 10k years old. I don’t believe the Grand Canyon was created by the biblical Flood. And I have no verified reason to believe that Man is causing the current climate conditions.

    By the way, the leadership of the military IS a few upper echelon officers. What, you think there are THAT many people in charge? All those chiefs, and hardly any braves? No. There are far, far fewer brass than regular soldiers. As we learned in the Major Muslim attack, a major in the military outranks about 90 to 95 percent of the rest of the military. And the final buck-stops-here head of the military is ONE MAN, the President.

    You and the rest of these consensus junkies are the blind men examining part of an elephant, insisting it must be rope or a snake or a tree. You don’t take ALL the data, as a whole, to form a hypothesis. You are taking snippets, much like liberals tend to do when they know they are in an argument they can not win honestly. Worse, you are not only trying to force everyone else to accept your interpretation of the elephant, you are trying to force us all to pay for its upkeep.

  11. TFMo says:

    As for the previous administration, so you agree with Bush now? By your standards, you must accept everything and anything he did, since you accept this ONE tidbit. I’ll be sure and let the liberal blogs know that you’re a Bushie now, and I’ll expect an immediate retraction of anything negative you’ve ever said about him.

  12. John Ryan says:

    The Navy as an institution believes in obeying the orders of their superiors, including the POTUS. Not all individuals hold those same views> I have never asserted that 100% of everyone in the US Navy believes in anything. What I have said is that the US NAvy believes in Global Warming and regards this as a matter of national security and have cited references to that fact. I have NEVER said that everyone in the US Navy believes in this. If you google US NAvy and global warming you can see many other references besides the one I noted Should you wish to continue DON”T make false statements about what I sat. When you do it just shows a shallow mind at work.

  13. John Ryan says:

    There is the right way, there is the wrong way and there is the Navy way. The US NAvy considers global climate change to be a matter of national security. Not every sailor does, but the institution of the United States Navy believes in global climate change. A change in the Earth’s orbit that could justify the rate of temp change we have seen has not been observed. The activity of the sun should have had the temps DROPPING for the last decade. Why do you refuse to believe that this COULD be the reason ? Is it a simple ego matter where you do not wish to say that you were wrong ? I mean even Bush eventually came around to trying to reduce greenhouse gasses. http://environment.about.com/od/environmentallawpolicy/a/bush_climate.htm
    Yes, the world’s climate has changed and will continue to change. Man however now has the ability to change his environment on a global scale and that enviorment has climate as one of its parts.
    Do you believe that man now has the power to change his envu=iorment ? and that climate is one part of his enviorment ?

  14. Sheesh. John, consensus is not science, nor is belief, nor is politics. At one time, everyone believe the world was flat and that the Earth went around the sun. And that the Earth was the center of the universe. Science proved that wrong.

    Lots of folks believe in Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, UFO’s, the Bermuda Triangle, and that Scientology works. Doesn’t mean they are scientifically correct. And the Pentagon plans. That’s what they do. Changing climate can cause national security issues. Doesn’t mean they believe it is caused by Mankind. As the climate is shifting to a cooler one, having more liquid water locked up in ice can cause drought conditions and impeded the ability to move the ships.

  15. TFMo says:

    Man however now has the ability to change his environment on a global scale and that enviorment has climate as one of its parts.

    That right there, John. Hubris. You assume that our scientists know EVERYTHING there is to know about climate and environment. They do not. They don’t even know a tenth of what makes our world work. They can’t accurately predict what the weather will be like a month from now, other than the vaguest generalities, and yet we are expected to believe that the “science is settled” on what the weather will be like in a year? Ten years? Fifty? A hundred?

    Should we enact any of these ridiculous cap and trade Kyoto/Copenhagen plans, one of three things WILL happen: It will change things for the better, it will change things for the worse, or it will have absolutely no effect whatsoever, other than draining our economy and handing it over to countries that are not particularly friendly towards us.

    One third of a chance that something good will come of this, when the science is FAR from settled, is too great a chance for us to be taking, particularly during a world-wide economic crisis. One of the biggest brains at MIT, who has been correlating as much data as is available on the subject, is saying that Man’s affect on the climate has been negligible AT BEST. Two people from the EPA are saying that cap and trade isn’t going to do anything to help the environment. Lord Monkton, who has actually studied the problem rather than just regurgitated the meme like Gore, has shown that even if we halted ALL forms of emission, it would take more than thirty years to alter ONE degree of temperature. Also, despite numerous attempts to get the AGW crowd to debate the subject, none have accepted the challenge from Lord Monkton, or the Czech President, or anyone else calling shenanigans on this scam.

    If they are so certain of their facts, if they are so definitively in the right on this, why, do you suppose, they are refusing to debate about it?

    Then there is the other end of this; what if we enact this agenda, and it winds up screwing up the environment? They’re saying it’s getting too hot, they want to do things to cool it off…what happens if they get it wrong and it gets TOO cold? What if they wind up damaging the climate to such an extent that we’re faced with an even GREATER crisis? I will remind you that far more people die from cold than from heat; warmer temperatures ENCOURAGES plant growth, providing more food for the herbivores, which in turn provides more food for the carnivores and omnivores. More plants also means more production of oxygen, which we need for BREATHING. Colder temperatures kills plants, which in turn creates a shortage in the food supply, which becomes systemic.

    And all this becomes moot as it’s not the US that’s causing the bulk of the problem. China and India each produce far more pollution than the US, and they are flatly refusing to alter course. And yet it’s us nasty Americans that are being blamed AND being called on to pony up the majority of the funds for all this stupidity. That alone is enough to set off the bullshit alarm.

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