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Obama Intends To Yammer More With “Jobs Summit”

Unemployment continues to go up. People are dropping off the unemployment roles having been on them so long. Some people are just plain giving up and going with “funemplyment.” The Generational Theft Act has failed to create anything other than mostly temporary, blue collar jobs, so, what does Obama do? If you guessed “create a […]

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50% Of The Warming Caused By Land Use Changes?

So says a press release from the University Of Georgia Georgia Tech City and Regional Planning Professor Brian Stone publishes a paper in the December edition of Environmental Science and Technology that suggests policymakers need to address the influence of global deforestation and urbanization on climate change, in addition to greenhouse gas emissions. According to […]

The Dodger In Chief Decides Not To Accept Any Recommendations On Afghanistan

There was only so far I could milk the use of “The Decider” in a sarcastic tone when applied to Barack H. Obama. Henceforth, he shall be known as “The Dodger In Chief.”  And The Dodger is doing his normal on Afghanistan President Barack Obama does not plan to accept any of the Afghanistan war […]

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