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I Didn’t Realize Democrat Women Were Such Hot House Flowers

I guess this is the point where I have to sound a bit misogynist, but, seriously, for elected Representatives, they sure sound like those 40’s women who are delicate and have to be protected by their men folk. Of course, we are talking about Lefty men folk, so, that makes these Democrat women even more […]

Let’s Go Old School (20 Images)

War On Christmas Starting Early, With A Few Good Wins For Christians

Yes, it is that time of the year With increasing threats, lawsuits and exposure over what constitutes a ‘legal Christmas season’ in this country, it is astounding albeit wonderful, that the current White House administration, President and Congress have not decided to remove the word Christmas or Christ from the upcoming tree lighting ceremony in […]

In Ft. Hood Shootings, Grey Lady Tries On The “It’s The Army’s Fault” Theory

It’s just a trial balloon, appearing on page A17 of today’s fish wrap, but, the Times does go to great lengths to blame the Army. They also do a great job in saying Muslims are cute and fuzzy, so, the War on Terrorism, sorry, Operation Domestic Contingency, must be our fault: Muslims at Fort Voice […]

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