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Maybe If Israel Exported Polar Bears, The Left Would Like Them

Apparently, Israel is exporting hippos, now. Wait, what? The latest export from the land of milk and honey is a grass-chomping mammal that hangs out in rivers and lakes and is apparently hard to sedate. Israel’s top safari says it has become the world’s top exporter of hippopotamuses, having successfully sent more than a dozen […]

Tuesday Color Splash

Guess How Many Hours Barry Has Spent Discussing Afghanistan

I usually do not like posting two straight “smack Obama” stories back to back, but, this should give you a good view of where his priorities lie. From October 30th press conference with Stuttering Gibbs Q What exactly has the President taken away from all these meetings that he’s had? This is the seventh one […]

Hopenchange Being Lost In Iowa

One has to wonder how dismayed the Fish Wrap Of Record has to be regarding the era of fairy dust and unicorn poots to actually allow an article critical of Obama which shows people losing that hopenchange feeling (cue Goose and Maverick singing to Kelly McGillis). Granted, the article appears on page a12, but, it’s […]

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