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Surprise! Obama Supporting Students Suffer O-care Sticker Shock

I have zero sympathy for these folks, who voted for this disaster (Fox News) While millions of Americans are watching their individual polices get canceled due to ObamaCare regulations, the new health care rules are also having a major impact on college campuses. For decades, universities and colleges have offered students bare-bones policies. But because […]

Trial Balloon: Obamacare Fixes The Problem Of Insurers Ripping Off Consumers With Lousy Plans

There’s political spin, then there’s plain lying. Obama was plain lying when he said you could keep your plan (and doctor). Then there are those who are attempting to protect Obama, Democrats, and Obamacare. Many of them have crossed the line from spin to performing an oral sexual act. Yesterday we had the big NY […]

Dionne: It’s Not Easy Being Obama

You know why? Because all you people who criticize him are raaaaacists, per the Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne. Let’s skip all the way to the end to find out how simply awesome Obama is He’s an anti-ideological leader in an ideological age, a middle-of-the-road liberal skeptical of the demands placed on a movement leader, a […]

Liberals Desperately Wishing For President Bystander’s Scandals To Fall Apart

And providing cover for malfeasance. It starts with the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, and Obama sycophant disguised as a member of the press, who at least acknowledges that these are scandals Things go wrong in government. Sometimes it’s just bad luck. Sometimes it’s rank incompetence. Sometimes it’s criminal wrongdoing. Most of the time you never […]

Oh, Snap: “Obama Prepares To Screw His Base”

I appreciate Buzz Feed’s Ben Smith giving me a good and hearty belly laugh first thing in the morning with that headline, and even funnier as one starts to read the article President Obama’s enemies often accuse him, in the starkest political terms, of crudely acting to shift resources toward his political base: Green energy […]

Shocking Number Of Obama Supporters Clueless About Benghazi

It really should be no surprise that Obama supporters are divorced from reality: these are the same people who were voting for “hope and change” rather than any sort of concrete plans, and still support Obama because he’s….well, because he’s Obama, since most of Obama’s policies have been disasters. Remember the video from 2008 which […]

Good Grief: Obama Zombies Plan “Million Muppet March”

Do they even know that Big Bird isn’t technically a Muppet? (Reuters) Plans to save Big Bird, the fuzzy yellow character on U.S. public television’s “Sesame Street,” from possible extinction are taking shape in the form of a puppet-based protest next month dubbed the “Million Muppet March.” The demonstration is planned for November 3 at […]

Liberal World: “You Didn’t Build That” And “It Worked” Are “Ambiguous”

It’s rather cute how the media continues to prostitute itself for Team Obama. Deluded and absurd would also be words we could use. Oh, look, here’s the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake: Context be damned: Obama’s ‘It worked’ quote should work for Republicans Context is dead. Long live context. For the second time in two weeks, […]

VA. Senator: If You Don’t Vote For Obama, You’re A Raaaaacist

With the presidential race tightening up in Virginia (it’s now dead even), the race card is played (Examiner) The latest Democrat to make that charge is Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas, who accused presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney of catering to those who don’t like the President’s skin color, the Daily Caller reported Monday. “What […]

Friday Stupid: Obama Wants Your Wedding Money

It doesn’t get more stupid than this Via Weasel Zippers, who wonders if Obama can be any more pompous. Seriously, this is more like a cult where you’re supposed to give up all your worldly goods for the cult. Or, really, the cult’s leader. Pathetic. Disturbing. More at protein wisdom. More: When even Wonkette and […]

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