Trial Balloon: Obamacare Fixes The Problem Of Insurers Ripping Off Consumers With Lousy Plans

There’s political spin, then there’s plain lying. Obama was plain lying when he said you could keep your plan (and doctor). Then there are those who are attempting to protect Obama, Democrats, and Obamacare. Many of them have crossed the line from spin to performing an oral sexual act. Yesterday we had the big NY Times editorial saying Obama “misspoke”. You know, like at least 27 times. I’ve documented others, now here comes Mother Jones’ Stephanie Mencimer

The Real Story Behind the Phony Canceled Health Insurance Scandal

Insurance companies ripped off Americans for years with lousy health plans. Obamacare was designed to fix that.

In 2009, when President Barack Obama first promised that people who liked their insurance coverage would be able to keep it under the Affordable Care Act, he overlooked one critical fact: Many of the health policies that Americans like are terrible insurance plans that were created to scam consumers. (snip)

The media have covered these complaints with gusto, as if the cancellations are a genuine crisis and indication of a failure of Obama’s health care law. The ACA was designed specifically to prevent insurance companies from peddling lousy insurance plans and to force these firms to replace these subpar products with affordable plans providing better and effective coverage. The plans being canceled are ending because they offered insufficient coverage—and only a few years ago both Rs and Ds were upset about these kinds of plans. But there’s been collective amnesia about the shoddy plans that GOPers have happily exploited in recent days. Perhaps Obama should have said, “Those of you who obtain insurance on the individual market can keep your plans unless it’s the sort of rip-off plan the ACA will forbid. Otherwise, you will be offered new options that actually give you decent coverage at a decent price.”

So much fail in so few words. The “A”CA was never designed to do any of those things, at least as how it was portrayed by Democrats. The idea was to offer quality, affordable health insurance to those who couldn’t afford it or couldn’t get it. Not to force mandates down the throats of insurers and consumers causing the plans to be cancelled. We could easily get into the nuts and bolts, but this is simply a huge pile of mule fritters in an attempt to defend the law which the majority of Americans hate.

As far as for what Obama should have said, well, he didn’t. He said something else.

As some guy said “don’t tell me that words don’t matter.”

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2 Responses to “Trial Balloon: Obamacare Fixes The Problem Of Insurers Ripping Off Consumers With Lousy Plans”

  1. david7134 says:

    What people are not concentrating on,as the gateway is making so much press, is that you are only buying insurance. This whole thing does not mean that you are going to obtain affordable health care. From what I have seen and knowing what motivates patients and what they can afford, I would say that many people are going to be suffering that were not in the past. And we have not even gotten into the meat of the law. Wait till the regulations hit and the “quality” of care (which will really reduce your options).

  2. kevino says:

    Since the State knows better than you, then the State will make the decisions for you. You don’t know what is in your best interest, and when we want your opinion, we’ll tell you. In the meantime, lie back and think of England.

    If I like your health plan, you can keep it.

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