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Obama Signing More Hotcoldwetdry Executive Orders Today

The man with the Largest Carbon Footprint In The World is intent on Doing Something about “climate change”…eh, who are we kidding, he just likes to abuse his power. From the NY Times this morning The White House is expected to take new steps on Friday to help society adapt to global warming, an acknowledgment […]

James Cameron, Other Warmists, Take Lots Of Fossil Fueled Travel To Talk About “Climate Change”

More from the climahypocrite crowd (EW) This April, James Cameron joins forces with producer Jerry Weintraub and Showtime for Years of Living Dangerously, a multi-part television event that focuses on the effects climate change has on the environment and its citizens all around the globe. In eight episodes, the series will travel everywhere from Texas […]

If All You See…

…is snow that has been created because of too much heat, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Fire Andrea Mitchell, with a post on one of Obama’s DHS advisors claiming America is an Islamic country.

100K Lose Insurance In New York State

Another day, more people lose their plans (NY Post) Insurers are canceling the medical policies of about 100,000 New Yorkers enrolled in individual health plans because of ObamaCare, state health officials said. But the figure is actually much higher because it doesn’t take into account hundreds of thousands covered under small business group policies that […]

Would You Be Surprised That Warmists Are Making Themselves Mentally Sick?

I’d suggest that the best way for Warmists to lift their depression would be to go “carbon neutral”. Give up their fossil fueled vehicles and travel, do away with their refrigerators, their hairspray, their modern lifestyles, and live like it’s 1499 (No Tricks Zone) The strategy of scaring people into action on climate change has […]

Team Obama Mid-range Estimate Says 51% Of Employer Health Plans Will Be Cancelled

You know how I’ve been mentioning that the individual market health insurance cancellations are just the beginning? That we’ll start seeing plans offered through companies being cancelled? Well, I’m not the only one who’s saying this (via Ace) (Forbes) Section 1251 of the Affordable Care Act contains what’s called a “grandfather” provision that, in theory, […]

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