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Surprise! Obama Supporting Students Suffer O-care Sticker Shock

I have zero sympathy for these folks, who voted for this disaster (Fox News) While millions of Americans are watching their individual polices get canceled due to ObamaCare regulations, the new health care rules are also having a major impact on college campuses. For decades, universities and colleges have offered students bare-bones policies. But because […]

Delusional: Obama Partly Blames Republicans For Failure Of Obamacare

Of course (Washington Post) President Obama on Tuesday sought to redirect some of the political blame for the botched rollout of the federal health insurance exchange to Republicans, characterizing GOP lawmakers as rooting for the law’s failure. Addressing a gathering of business executives, Obama acknowledged that the health-care rollout “has been rough, to say the […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible flooded world caused by climate change terrorism, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Jawa Report, with a post on the US funding Palestinian terrorists. And some Balkan Rule 5.

Arctic Algea Shows Doom Or Something

More activist science (Discovery) Bright pink algae that light up the Arctic seafloor like Las Vegas neon are also guides to hundreds of years of climate history, a new study shows. From the medieval chill called the Little Ice Age to the onset of global warming in the 1800s, the coralline algae show how Arctic […]

Awesome: Climate Change As Terrorism, U.S. Blamed

I must admit, this is a new one from the Warmists (who still won’t practice what they preach) (Salon) As part of the pivot to Asia, the U.S. government has ramped up its counterterrorism cooperation with the Philippines, Indonesia and elsewhere. This has, understandably, sparked debate there over the wisdom of increased U.S. military presence. […]

Blue Cross North Carolina Seeks Up To 24% Increase For Reinstated Plans

Here’s how Obama’s cancelled plans “fix” will work he in North Carolina (WRAL) Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina formally asked state regulators Tuesday to resurrect health plans that were to be canceled because they don’t meet minimum requirements under the Affordable Care Act. The move would come at significant cost to consumers, however, […]

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