Awesome: Climate Change As Terrorism, U.S. Blamed

I must admit, this is a new one from the Warmists (who still won’t practice what they preach)

(Salon) As part of the pivot to Asia, the U.S. government has ramped up its counterterrorism cooperation with the Philippines, Indonesia and elsewhere. This has, understandably, sparked debate there over the wisdom of increased U.S. military presence.

But the bigger question from the perspective of Filipinos, in light of the natural disaster they have just experienced, is this: Why is it that the United States still doesn’t have a domestic consensus that there is such a thing as climate change? When we talk about a global community, we at least ought to be able to start with that item at the top of the agenda.

For Filipinos and many poor people around the world, climate change, in effect, is terrorism conducted on them. And that is a far bigger threat to people’s livelihood and physical safety than all the things the United States is trying to sell them in order to have its troops’ forward positioned in the Philippines.

So, is it the hot, cold, wet, or dry part that is terrorism? Maybe it’s that all you Other Americans (according to Warmist doctrine, it’s not me, it’s you that are the problem) refuse to give up your fossil fueled vehicles and hairspray, that you don’t unplug every appliance not in use. And because you used air conditioning this summer, a typhoon was created, something that never occurred when CO2 was below the “safe” limit of 350ppm. And you won’t simply part with all your money and send it to other people. Shame, shame, shame. You should be riding a bike to work. Yes, I understand you work 30 miles away from your home. Move. Or leave early. You terrorist you.

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