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Healthcare.gov May Or May Not Work Sunday

It’s all about shifting the goalposts (Washington Post) Administration officials are preparing to announce Sunday that they have met their Saturday deadline for improving HealthCare.gov, according to government officials, in part by expanding the site’s capacity so that it can handle 50,000 users at once. But they have yet to meet all their internal goals […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible world baked by a 1.4F increase in temperatures, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girl’s Blog, with a post on an Obamacare truth teller being audited.

Warmists Wonder If Crazy Climate Protest Is America’s Own Pussy Riot Moment

Um, no. Pussy Riot has a legitimate complaint in the what happened to them. These are simply folks interrupting and creating a scene in a private business place (Index On Censorship) On a Saturday afternoon in June, a group of activists walked into a bank in Manhattan, New York, and staged a peaceful protest performance. […]

It’s Never Too Early To Link “Climate Change” And Christmas

And like some radio stations going to all Christmas music and retailers putting up Christmas displays before Thanksgiving, Warmists are preparing for Christmas early Climate Change Threatens Christmas Trees, Maple Growing the perfect Christmas tree takes close to ten years, but in March 2012 just four days of extreme heat pummeled much of Vermont and […]

Obamacare Is About Morality Or Something

I’d go with the “something”. Here’s the Washington Post’s Colbert King trotting out the “morality” argument Obamacare — a question of morality There was a lot of bloviating about the Affordable Care Act on the talk shows last weekend. The Obamacare critics’ chief focus was the open-enrollment fiasco, the un-kept presidential promise and the millions […]

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