Obama Signing More Hotcoldwetdry Executive Orders Today

The man with the Largest Carbon Footprint In The World is intent on Doing Something about “climate change”…eh, who are we kidding, he just likes to abuse his power. From the NY Times this morning

The White House is expected to take new steps on Friday to help society adapt to global warming, an acknowledgment that worldwide efforts to control emissions will be inadequate to head off big climatic shifts.

Between himself, Clinton, and President Bush, they’ve already done a great deal, since there has been no statistically significant warming since 1997.

White House aides said President Obama would sign an executive order on Friday morning directing federal agencies to make it easier for states and communities to build resilience against storms, droughts and other weather extremes. For instance, when federal money is being spent on projects like roads, bridges, flood control and many others, the plan would encourage greater attention to the likely climate conditions of the future, which might require making the structures stronger or larger.

In other words, he’s making it easier to spend even more taxpayer funds on infrastructure programs. Most of which will probably line the pockets of his campaign contributors.

Pre-posting update: between the time I wrote the post (this morning) and actually posting it, Obama and his 41k metric ton carbon footprint (the average Americans is about 19 tons) dropped a press release about this. You’re welcome to read it, but it all comes down. To a few things

1. Spending more taxpayer money on infrastructure, especially in Dem states

2. Increasing federal, and to a lesser extent, state government control

3. Attempting to change the subject from Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS, a truly lousy economy, his falling poll numbers, NSA domestic spying, Sid I mention the perpetually crummy economy?

4. A bit of red meat for his unhinged base, most of whom do not practice what they preach.

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