Liberals Desperately Wishing For President Bystander’s Scandals To Fall Apart

And providing cover for malfeasance. It starts with the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, and Obama sycophant disguised as a member of the press, who at least acknowledges that these are scandals

Things go wrong in government. Sometimes it’s just bad luck. Sometimes it’s rank incompetence. Sometimes it’s criminal wrongdoing. Most of the time you never hear about it. Or, if you do hear about it, the media eventually gets bored talking about it (see warming, global).

But every so often an instance of government wrongdoing sprouts wings and becomes something quite exciting: A political scandal.

He then goes through the three big ones (AP phone records, Benghazi, IRS targeting Conservative groups) while leaving out lots of important information, blaming low level employees, forgiving Obama and senior administration officials for being unengaged passerby’s, and ending up with

I want to emphasize: It’s always possible that evidence could emerge that vaults one of these issues into true scandal territory. But the trend line so far is clear: The more information we get, the less these actually look like scandals.

Uh. But, you know what’s really, really important? Not 4 Americans left to die, not the DOJ taking reporter phone records willy nilly, not the IRS intentionally targeting Conservative groups for more scrutiny and using its powers for partisan purposes, no it’s

And then, of course, there are all the other problems Congress is ignoring, from high unemployment to sequestration to global warming. When future generations look back on the scandals of our age, it’ll be the unchecked rise in global temperatures, not the Benghazi talking points, that infuriate them.

Sigh. Let’s recall some important numbers: a 0.28F increase in global temperatures since 1990, and 0.14F increase since 1997. Those are what is known as “statistically insignificant”. Has Ezra given up his fossil fueled travel yet?

Many other ObamaZombies follow along, such as Taylor Marsh, Rachel Maddow, TheMahablog, Greg Sargent, and so many others are wishing the issues would go away, saying they are going away, and/or saying they are big fat nothing burgers. As the saying goes, just imagine if Obama was a Republican, not a Democrat. How would they be treating these scandals, not too mention other issues, such as Fast and Furious?

Here’s Jennifer Rubin

It is not a coincidence that the few dead-enders in the lefty blogosphere and punditocracy still defending the president embody the same ethos as the president. Republicans are liars, entirely responsible for all that goes wrong, out to wreck the economy and racists, they would have us believe. Obama set the tone, but they amplified it, encouraged it and dutifully took down the White House talking points. Had they not been so passive and eager to enable the White House, some in the administration might have internalized a sense of limits. Instead, they got nothing but encouragement.

It’s not just those in the Left-O-Sphere: it’s those in the press corps, which includes those writing opinion pieces.

(Washington Free Beacon) Lately the top officials of the executive branch have seemed always to be in another room, on another call. Hillary Clinton says she was not aware of cables warning of lax security in Benghazi. Eric Holder says he is not sure when he recused himself from the investigation into the AP leak, or if he told the White House, or, really, of anything. Obama says he learned about the IRS IG investigation from the news. He says the Benghazi talking points were a matter of dispute between State and CIA, not the White House. A Martian reading the statements of senior officials on subjects of public controversy would conclude that the U.S. government operates at the whims of midlevel career personnel. But why pick on Martians. Chris Matthews concludes the same thing: “The steering wheel doesn’t control the car anymore.”

With Obama, the buck only stops at his desk when he can crow about it and take it on the campaign trail. Everything is is Someone Else’s fault. However, Obama sets the tone, and it is one that enable these scandals.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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3 Responses to “Liberals Desperately Wishing For President Bystander’s Scandals To Fall Apart”

  1. john says:

    Yeah Americans knew that the “scandals” were nothing and then it was proved when it turns out that the emails the GOP leaked at been altered.. Teach Obama’s approval rating is still twice what Bush had when he left. Americans see the economy as doing better, after Bush wrecked it.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    First john, the emails were not leaked by the GOP. They were leaked TO the GOP because the “most transparent administration ever” continues to withhold relevant emails and information.

    Secondly, Obama’s approval rating is still falling like a rock, as well as that of the Democrats. Polls show more people believe the Republicans are leading the country in a better direction than the President and the Democrats.

    Lastly, Bush did not wreck the economy, the Democrats did with massive entitlements, as well as requirements and regulations on banking and industry.

    The economy is coming back 4 years after economists said it would if there was no stimulus. That means that Obama and the Dems hurt more people for longer than was needed.

    Shame on them and you.

  3. david7134 says:

    By what measure do you think the economy is coming back? The fact that the stock market is going up, wrong, that is secondary to the Fed dumping money into the market. That means that your dollars in your pocket are getting more and more worthless. Then there is the unemployment numbers, have you looked at the number of people not seeking work? It is almost as high as during the depression. College kids can’t get a job. In short, the economy is coming apart.

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