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NYC, Bloomberg, To Waste Sandy Funds On “Climate Change” Projects

You won’t believe how much….well, you probably will believe it after all you’ve seen from these insane people, though Joe Romm’s Soros funded Climate Progress has no problem with the wasted money, as the writer, Brad Johnson, discusses On Friday, the City of New York allocated $294 million of Superstorm Sandy recovery funds for resiliency […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible CO2 infused beer, which should be heavily regulated by Government, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Da Tech Guy, with a post saying the IRS scandal is a bigger danger to Obama than Benghazi.

Inhofe Drops The “I” Word

We’d probably be talking more about this if the majority of the press was interested in doing their job, instead of being instruments of the Obama campaign (The Blaze) Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) said in a radio interview Thursday that “of all the great cover-ups in history” — including the Pentagon papers, Iran-Contra and Watergate […]

Snow Bunnies May Be In Danger From Climate Change

No, not those snow bunnies, the furry ones which hop around (Wunderground) The snowshoe hare has a biological clock for changing colors at the end of the winter, but that doesn’t really vary, reports Science Magazine. If the winter ends sooner and the snow melts, the white bunnies stick out like a sore thumb on […]

New Yorker: Replace Everything That Emits CO2 With Something Else

That’s a fantastic freaking idea! Of course, it won’t stop “climate change”, partly because anthropogenic global warming, if we use the correct scientific term, rather than the political term, is a mostly fake issue, and partly Warmists do not even believe in their own rhetoric enough to practice what they preach (via Tom Nelson) Terrible […]

MSNBC: Just Give Poor People Money To End Poverty

It’s really just that easy! (The Blaze) Is Melissa Harris-Perry—the MSNBC host who recently declared that kids belong to whole communities— stirring up controversy again? On today’s episode on finding solutions to poverty, Newsbusters noticed that Harris-Perry’s colleague Chris Hayes appeared in a quick video clip at the end of one segment holding up a […]

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