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As We Come Into Beach Season, Please, People, Clean Up Your Garbage

As I’ve said numerous times, just because I do not agree with man-induced “climate change” doesn’t mean I hate the environment. From my favorite New Climate Denier website, Grist (yeah, I cite them a lot) Back in 2012, 561,633 very nice people went out on beaches around the world and picked up the trash that other […]

If All You See…

…is snow that only occurs during hot summers, you might just be a Warmists The blog of the day is small dead animals, with a post on Obama’s 10pm call.

Good Grief: Obama Visits Pre-K Class To Get Ideas On Fixing Economy

In an attempt to change the discourse from his scandal plagued reign, Peter Obama has pivoted back to the economy yet again during his Weekly Address Hi, everybody.  Over the past few months, I’ve laid out a series of commonsense ideas to reignite the true engine of our economic growth: a rising, thriving middle class. […]

Colorado Sheriffs File Federal Lawsuit Over Gun Laws

Nice to know that some in law enforcement will not bow to the pressure and will support the 2nd Amendment Rights of law abiding citizens (Fox News) Colorado sheriffs upset with gun restrictions adopted in the aftermath of last year’s mass shootings filed a federal lawsuit Friday, challenging the regulations as unconstitutional. The lawsuit involves […]

Saturday Obama Scandals

I highly doubt whether anyone will obtain information linking Obama to either the IRS or phone records scandal. Say what you will about his “governance” style, but the man is able to keep his hands clean. Surely no emails, phone records, or paper records will link him, nor will anyone say “yup, Obama (or one […]

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