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NY Times: Networking To Find A Job Now Racist

Do you know someone who has helped you get a job? Family, friends, acquaintances? If you’re white, well, that means you’re a raaaaacist How Social Networks Drive Black Unemployment It’s easy to believe the worst is over in the economic downturn (why, is Obama going to resign?). But for African-Americans, the pain continues — over […]

If All You See…

…are wonderful trees sucking Gaia boiling CO2 out of the air, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Other McCain, with post on this year’s Offend A Feminist Week. I hope I do that every day with these IAYS posts!

Surprise! Quebec Wasted $1.5B On Hotcoldwetdry Programs

A story you’ve heard multiple times: Government says there’s a problem. They allocate a ton of money to Do Something. At the end, Government fails. Even if they managed to Do Something, the money was spent in a wasteful manner, getting the least bang for the buck possible. Sure, there are a few successes, usually […]

Whistleblower Claims Clinton Attempted To Cut Counterterrorism Bureau Out Of Benghazi Loop

The House hearings are going to be very, very interesting…well, not in most news outlets, which have decided that the deaths of 4 Americans, including an Ambassador, in an attack on September 11th, is no big deal, nothing to see here, not even worthy of front page coverage, at least not under a Democrat Administration […]

Tell Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: Obama To Focus On Jobs

Obama’s like the kid who constantly breaks windows playing ball too close to the house, does a crummy job mowing the grass, won’t clean his room, whines about wanting cookies before dinner, and then demands a raise in his allowance every few months. Heck, the USA Today writer can’t even find it in himself to […]

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