Surprise! Quebec Wasted $1.5B On Hotcoldwetdry Programs

A story you’ve heard multiple times: Government says there’s a problem. They allocate a ton of money to Do Something. At the end, Government fails. Even if they managed to Do Something, the money was spent in a wasteful manner, getting the least bang for the buck possible. Sure, there are a few successes, usually when the Doing Something is farmed out to the private sector, but, when it comes to “climate change”, most projects are pure fail

(Montreal Gazette) Last month, Jean Charest painted a rosy picture of Quebec’s climate change efforts during his time as premier, but a new government report suggests the province is only a fraction of the way toward its goals, despite a $1.5-billion plan.

In 2006, Quebec had projected it would cut 14.5 megatonnes of greenhouse-gas emissions by the end of 2012, but in fact cut less than two megatonnes by March 2012, according to a progress report published with little fanfare last month on the Environment Department’s website.

That’s only 13 per cent of the goal Quebec set for itself back in June 2006, when Charest unveiled the province’s 2006-2012 climate change action plan.

To reach the target, Quebec said it would set up programs to improve energy efficiency, invest in public transit, require landfill sites to capture methane from decomposing organic material, have speed-limiting devices installed on trucks set to 105 kilometres per hour and help municipalities evaluate their greenhouse-gas emissions

Yeah, I know that you’re really surprised. Make sure to read the entire article for the mostly failure, along with the scorecard. Interestingly, the government hasn’t even spent the allocated money like it was supposed to.

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