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Chutzpah: Guy Whose Admin Walked Guns Into Mexico Blames America For Mexican Gun Violence

Sadly, this is not the Onion or some other satirical website making things up. These are direct quotes from a guy who is technically the POTUS and whom overseas a multitude of alphabet soup agencies who intentional walked guns across the border into Mexico with no intention to track them until they were used for […]

Grist: We Need A Wartime Mobilization To Fight Hotcoldwetdry

Because ‘climate change’ is like fighting WWII, and requires a similar solution, per Grist’s David Roberts The lessons that emerge from that period aren’t ones I’m particularly comfortable with, and it sounds like the authors aren’t totally thrilled with them either. Long story short, what’s required in wartime mobilization is an enormous amount of centralized […]

If All You See…

…is snow created by too much fossil fueled heat, you might just be a New Climate Denier The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post on what’s wrong with the Gang Of 8 amnesty bill.

Schoolkids Seriously Tired Of Knowing What Snow Looks Like

Won’t someone please think of the children! (Salt Lake Tribune) Schoolchildren in Minnesota and Wisconsin got a rare May snow day Thursday as a storm dropped up to 16 inches of sticky snow across a beleaguered region that was just starting to enjoy spring. Bobbi Howe’s daughters, 10-year-old Emma and 7-year-old Averie, stayed home in […]

Warmists Decide “Settled Science” Means They Should Burn Books

This is what science involves for the New Climate Deniers (Watts Up With That?) From the Fahrenheit 451 department comes this indictment of California’s higher education’s “tolerance” for opposing views. When I first got the tip on this, I thought to myself “nobody can be this stupid to photograph themselves doing this” but, here they […]

SC House Passes Bill Making Obamacare Enforcement A Crime

Might this empower and lead other States to do the same? (Fox News) The bill, approved Wednesday by a vote of 65-39, declares President Obama’s signature legislation “null and void.” Whereas the law that Obama pushed and Congress passed is known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, South Carolina’s law would be known […]

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