Grist: We Need A Wartime Mobilization To Fight Hotcoldwetdry

Because ‘climate change’ is like fighting WWII, and requires a similar solution, per Grist’s David Roberts

The lessons that emerge from that period aren’t ones I’m particularly comfortable with, and it sounds like the authors aren’t totally thrilled with them either. Long story short, what’s required in wartime mobilization is an enormous amount of centralized federal executive authority, an enormous amount of borrowing and taxing, and an enormous amount of labor displacement and retraining. At least temporarily, the economy will be more government-directed than market-based.

They may not be comfortable with them, but they want them regardless.

Among other things, pulling that off will require some sort of large-scale strategy, a set of goals and programs, that is durable enough to be insulated from the ebb and flow of passing administrations and changes in public opinion. It must be focused on long-term mitigation rather than merely immediate adaptation (which is what all the short-term political pressure will favor).

So, fascistic controls that elected government cannot stop.

At the same time, however, the mitigation strategy can’t be so rigid that it is immune to public oversight and control. Some measure of democratic control must be preserved.

Whew! At least we’d be allowed to keep some semblance of democracy. I suppose much like Saddam was elected with 99% of the vote instead of 100%. David goes on to say “no, you do not “got me”, I’m not really saying we need monster big fascistic government”, ending with

There’s no libertarian choice here. A huge, global challenge like climate change is inevitably going to mean more government action and intrusion. The choice is, do you want managed big government, with a bounded set of plans and some amount of oversight built in, or do you want panicked big government, responding to migrations, famines, and conflict? I’m not exactly excited about either choice, but the former definitely strikes me as the lesser of two evils.

Yup, monster big fascistic government based on Progressive ideals. They put their ideas out there with supposed “controls” and oversight as a way to deflect from the real message of “submit”.

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