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Now That CO2 Has Passed 400ppm, We Should All Stockpile Cyanide Or Something

Because, you know, doom (even though that 400ppm thing didn’t happen the other week) (via Tom Nelson) (Spanner Films) You’ve probably heard the appalling news that, for the first time in human history, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has just passed 400 parts per million. (Eh? Scientific America’s explanation here).  It’s been 2.5 […]

If All You See…

…is a bad weather creating plastic bottle of water, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post on delinquent student loans rising. Good thing the taxpayers aren’t on the hook for them, partly in thanks to Obamacare.

Raleigh Sets Overnight Low Temperature Record

It’s obviously climate change due to you driving a fossil fueled vehicle and using air conditioning (WRAL) Sunshine, cooler temperatures and low humidity will dominate the forecast across central and eastern North Carolina throughout the holiday weekend, making outdoor plans possible from the beach to the mountains, WRAL meteorologist Mike Moss said. In the Triangle, […]

Sigh: Now A Warmist Blames The War On Terror For Climate Change

Warmists really can’t help themselves, blaming everything for “climate change” (and everything that happens on climate change). Here’s another wacko (via Climate Depot) (Pakistan Today…or, is that, as (NMP) Obama says “Pock-eeeeeee-stan”?) Former Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) director general (DG) Qamaruz Zaman Chaudhry on Thursday said climate change was on the rise due to war […]

DOJ Fought To Keep James Rosen Warrent Secret

Remind me, isn’t the Justice Department supposed to follow the Constitution and the Law? Apparently not when Eric Holder is in charge and they want to retaliate against a journalist (The New Yorker) The Obama Administration fought to keep a search warrant for James Rosen’s private e-mail account secret, arguing to a federal judge that […]

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