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CAIR Really Unhappy About Suicide Doll

Typical outrage. I’m sure the word “Islamophobia” will be thrown around (The Blaze) A birthday greeting card found in a Chicago novelty shop has the Council on American-Islamic Relations fuming because of its implication that a hijab-wearing doll is a suicide bomber. The front of the card shows a doll wearing a pink and blue […]

Obama’s True Concern With All The Scandals

I’m going to assume that you know all the scandals happening right now, plus the basic notion that Obama is a SCOAMF. Here’s what he sees as the real problem in politics (Washington Examiner) “What’s blocking us right now is a sort of hyper-partisanship in Washington that I was, frankly, hoping to overcome in 2008,” […]

If All You See…

…is a flooded world because someone turned their heat on higher than 60, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Right Wing News, with a post on Sharia law in Australia.

No Wonder World Didn’t End: CO2 Did Not Break 400ppm

So the resultant freak out by the New Climate Deniers was all for naught (LA Times) Carbon dioxide measurements in the Earth’s atmosphere did not break the symbolic milestone of 400 parts per million at a Hawaiian observatory last week, according to a revised reading from the nation’s climate observers. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric […]

NY Times: If You Think The 2nd Amendment Is There To Protect You From Government, You’re Un-American

Here’s Stanley Fish, writing an op-ed for the far left NY Times Is the N.R.A. Un-American? The more militant members of the N.R.A. and most of its leaders may be un-American. By “militant” I don’t mean those who wish to protect recreational shooting and hunting; nor do I mean those who, like Justice Antonin Scalia, […]

DOJ Seizes AP Phone Records, POTUS Knows Nothing

One thing that seems to be missing is the timeline for when the records were seized and when the warrant was provided to the Associated Press. This appears to be a case of delayed notification, what the Left called “sneak and peek” back when Bush was POTUS, if a warrant was even provided. No article […]

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