CAIR Really Unhappy About Suicide Doll

Typical outrage. I’m sure the word “Islamophobia” will be thrown around

(The Blaze) A birthday greeting card found in a Chicago novelty shop has the Council on American-Islamic Relations fuming because of its implication that a hijab-wearing doll is a suicide bomber.

The front of the card shows a doll wearing a pink and blue dress and a pink Muslim headscarf with the words, “Pull string for message if you dare!” and “she’ll love you to death! She’ll blow your brains out!”

The birthday message inside reads, “Hope your birthday is a BLOW OUT!”

Let’s see it

I fail to see the problem. This is the kind of action Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood linked CAIR seemingly supports.

The company that makes the doll and card makes lots and lots of novelties that could tick off many, many people.

Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR’s Chicago office, is not amused by the hijab doll birthday card, which he characterizes as “bigoted.”

“We missed the humor,” he wrote in a post for CAIR Chicago’s blog, the Chicago Monitor. “The unmistakable message behind the ‘humor’ is that even the most peaceful looking Muslims are synonymous and exchangeable with terrorists.”

“Islamophobic generalizations and negative stereotypes often hit those who are most visibly perceived as Muslim, and women wearing the Hijab are often the group hit the hardest,” Rehab wrote.

No, the group usually hit hardest are those on the receiving end of the suicide bombs.

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2 Responses to “CAIR Really Unhappy About Suicide Doll”

  1. mojo says:

    Baby Boomers?

  2. Exploding_Gumballs says:

    ROFL Mojo!

    Come on you trolls, get a life. It’s called humor for a reason. And, its America. So suck on the 1st Amendment and choke on it. Bout time you guys got some of the anti-religious humor that has been heaped upon Christians for the last 60 years. If you can’t learn to laugh at yourself, you can never learn to change, to adapt, to accept others.

    But then Islam is not about accepting others. It’s about boom-boom.

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