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Warmists Try Exciting New Talking Point: Weather Whiplash

All because you turned on your icemaker and used hair spray (NBC) The term “weather whiplash” is being invoked to describe the drought-flood cycles beginning to take over the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. The cause of the maddening weather extremes and their huge and varied consequences is none other than climate change, according to a […]

If All You See…

…is an endless drought world due to people not spreading awareness, you might just be a Warmists The blog of the day is American Power, with a post slamming Keynes.

Inhofe: Could Someone Send Some Global Warming To Oklahoma, Please?

Could use some here in Raleigh: I turned the heat on (I keep it at 68) before heading to work. Here’s a statement James Inhofe released (Political News) “When we experience temperatures not to our liking, it gets labeled as global warming in the summer and climate change in the winter. Waking up to frost […]

POTUS Who Releases Illegals To Scare Public Discusses Our “Broken Immigration System”

You remember when Obama, as head of the Executive Branch, had DHS release thousands of illegal aliens from jail in order to make a point about the Sequestration. Well, surprisingly, his weekly address fails to mention that episode. From the transcript The truth is, right now, our border with Mexico is more secure than it’s […]

New Climate Deniers Blame Spring Snow On, Yup, Global Warming

Do they think people are this stupid, or are they just this brainwashed? Witness Salon’s…well, that’s weird, no one was willing to put their name to this fable Blizzards in May. Wild fires. Is this global warming? Sandy has been followed by massive spring snowfalls. Here’s what to look for as our climate-change awareness grows […]

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