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Did Holder Commit Perjury?

That’s what the House wants to know (The Hill) The House Judiciary Committee is investigating whether Attorney General Eric Holder lied under oath during his May 15 testimony on the Justice Department’s (DOJ) surveillance of reporters, an aide close to the matter told The Hill. The panel is looking at a statement Holder made during […]

If All You See…

…are evil cans of CO2 infused beer which will cause the Earth to boil, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on the media covering for Islamists in Britain.

Republican Senators Upset Obama Never Called For A Second Date

Well, at least they only let him get to second base, rather than putting out (The Hill) Senate Republicans who shared laughs with President Obama over dinner at the Jefferson Hotel in March are grumbling there has since been little follow-through from him on deficit talks. They say the White House has not set up […]

A Coming Little Ice Age?

Forbes’ Peter Ferrara provides an interesting article regarding the current pause in warming, and starts off with lots and lots of history and scientific facts (which are very inconvenient for Warmists who willingly turn a blind eye to those), well worth the full read To the Horror of Global Warming Alarmists, Global Cooling Is Here […]

NY Times Editorial Board Upset That Illegals Have To Deal With Criminal Justice System

They’re basically recommending open borders. Perhaps they should look south towards Mexico, where illegals are treated harshly, or to most other countries in the world, which have strict immigration policies. Anyhow, here’s what the extremely white and male editorial board writes Border Injustice Those who view fixing immigration as simply a matter of getting tougher […]

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