Raleigh Sets Overnight Low Temperature Record

It’s obviously climate change due to you driving a fossil fueled vehicle and using air conditioning

(WRAL) Sunshine, cooler temperatures and low humidity will dominate the forecast across central and eastern North Carolina throughout the holiday weekend, making outdoor plans possible from the beach to the mountains, WRAL meteorologist Mike Moss said.

In the Triangle, highs will barely climb into the low 70s Saturday after starting out in the low 40s.

“Get ready for some beautiful weather throughout the weekend,” Moss said. “We’ll warm nicely Saturday, but we actually set a record low of 41 degrees at Raleigh-Durham International Airport this morning. The previous record of 43 degrees was set in 1967.”

Some spots in rural areas dipped into the 30s early Saturday, 15 to 20 degrees colder than 24 hours ago.

Ah, 1967, when climate and other scientists, along with the media, were vastly concerned with the coming ice age as global temperatures dipped. Steven Goddard highlights lots more records set.

Do you know what this proves? Nothing. It’s just weather, which happens. Records will be set, highs and lows. The world is currently in a mostly natural warm period, but the weather will do whatever it wants. There will be these periods. What’s happening is not anthropogenic. If Warmists truly believed their own mule fritters they’d give up their own fossil fueled lifestyles. They won’t. Ergo, they know their talking points are bullshit, and only a means to push Progressive (fascistic) government policies.

BTW, Europe is still in the grip of winter, with snow falling. And there is a potential for snow in the US Northeast this weekend.

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2 Responses to “Raleigh Sets Overnight Low Temperature Record”

  1. DCE says:

    Cap’n Teach, I can go you one better. Last night (Saturday) it was snowing here in central New Hampshire. Snow. On Memorial Day weekend.

    It must be Hotcoldwetdry!!

  2. And all because you drove a fossil fueled vehicle. Sigh

    A friend of mine is already out at the community pool, now that the sun is out here in Raleigh, and said she needs a wetsuit to get in. Usually it is still a bit chill on Memorial Day weekend when it opens, but not like this. I’ll see myself after heading to the gym. Want to catch some much needed tan.

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