Warmists Decide “Settled Science” Means They Should Burn Books

This is what science involves for the New Climate Deniers

(Watts Up With That?) From the Fahrenheit 451 department comes this indictment of California’s higher education’s “tolerance” for opposing views. When I first got the tip on this, I thought to myself “nobody can be this stupid to photograph themselves doing this” but, here they are, right from the San Jose State University Meteorology Department web page:

Warmists burn a book

The caption from the SJSU website reads:

This week we received a deluge of free books from the Heartland Institute {this or this }. The book is entitled “The Mad, Mad, Made World of Climatism”. Shown above, Drs. Bridger and Clements test the flammability of the book.

Maybe they just can’t help themselves, note the pictures on the wall.

As Anthony Watts points out, the webpage post was removed, surely because they were caught engaging in the modern equivalent of the Inquisition. However, it lives on as an archived version. Anthony also has a screencap. From Heartland

Heartland must be having an impact if the leftist reflex to seeing our latest project — the wide distribution of a book that boils down a lot of this research for a layman audience — is to pull out the book of matches. Thanks for making Goreham’s point, professors! The enviro-left in academia has “progressed” from ignoring all this non-alarmist evidence, to trying to dismiss it, to failing at that, to refusing to debate, to fudging data and blackballing contrarian evidence, to committing crimes against The Heartland Institute, to now showing the world that putting a match to evidence from the “other side” is a reasonable reaction. Pathetic. We are witnessing the death throes of a cult in real time, and it ain’t pretty.

The Warmists may have thought it was a joke, but they sure didn’t react like it when they were caught. Or, maybe they needed to warm things up, considering the US is headed for the coldest spring on record. The majority of the lower 48 has been at or below normal temps for the entire year. The temps do not seem to be reacting according to the Warmist’s computer models or prognostication.

Oh, and if Heartland is reading, I’d surely like a copy of the book. Sorry, not spending $16 on an ebook version (I don’t spend that much on any ebook). $5 to $8? Sure.

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One Response to “Warmists Decide “Settled Science” Means They Should Burn Books”

  1. Sean says:

    You may recall a certain administration that had lots of public book burnings, in response to their rejection of ideas and facts outside of their political beliefs. The National Socialist Workers Party, referred to as NAZI. One of the books they burned had an author point out, that where they burn books, they will soon burn people. Their demonstrations were a clue of things to come. The Left in America, whose ancestors were the NAZIs, play the same games, and demonstrations.

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