Tell Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: Obama To Focus On Jobs

Obama’s like the kid who constantly breaks windows playing ball too close to the house, does a crummy job mowing the grass, won’t clean his room, whines about wanting cookies before dinner, and then demands a raise in his allowance every few months. Heck, the USA Today writer can’t even find it in himself to write a full size article, just a few paragraphs, having seen this again and again

Obama to launch new jobs tours

President Obama is turning back to the jobs issue, launching a series of “Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tours” starting Thursday with an appearance in Texas.

Obama will visit growing areas “to learn what has helped them become successful and use these models of growth to encourage Congress to act,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

On Thursday, the president opens the tour in Austin, Texas, where he will visit a high school, and speak with leaders of the city’s high-tech industries.

Well, at least he’s going somewhere that’s been successful, but, why go to a high school? That’s not really where the jobs have been created. As for the high-tech industries, I wonder how many of them moved from California? Perhaps Obama could learn something. Like, if one wants to accomplish something, one has to stick too it, continue working hard, and implement wise, real world policies that create success in business. Not talk about it then forget about it for a few months, talk and forget, lather, rinse, repeat. Obama’s last pivot was briefly during the 2013 State of the Union.

He’d be much better served talking to Gov. Rick Perry, and learn about the governmental policies that help stimulate economic growth. Obama would learn that these are the policies that the Republican held House has passed, so instead of excoriating Congressional Republicans, Obama should slap around Harry Reid and his Democrat controlled Senate to at least vote on those House bills.

Unsurprisingly, there are no other stops announced. It’s rather early in the week to be cynical, but, anyone who believes that Obama will attend at least one fund-raiser in Austin on Thursday night raise your hand. Or, perhaps this is just a brief stop before he heads to his ATM in California, meaning he can get the government to pick up most of the tab for the trip.

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