Snow Bunnies May Be In Danger From Climate Change

No, not those snow bunnies, the furry ones which hop around

(Wunderground) The snowshoe hare has a biological clock for changing colors at the end of the winter, but that doesn’t really vary, reports Science Magazine. If the winter ends sooner and the snow melts, the white bunnies stick out like a sore thumb on brown ground. Conversely, later snowfalls — also believed by many to be a factor of climate change — leave the ground white long after their fur has changed back to brown.

In either instance, it makes the pursuit much easier for a predator, and lately, the weather has been leaving these creatures vulnerable more often than in the past.

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7 Responses to “Snow Bunnies May Be In Danger From Climate Change”

  1. mojo says:

    Rabbits are a staple food item for lots of predators. That’s why the breed like, well, rabbits.

  2. Impeachable_Gumballs says:

    wait.. furry rabbits are prey? Isn’t that… well.. mean? Violent?

    Why can’t all animals just get along?

    You’d think that after they get full they wouldn’t want any more.

    Pity, I wonder if nature could create more? Would be nice if it could so we wouldn’t have to worry any more.

  3. Maybe we could relocated the polar bears down to these areas where the snow seems to last deep into spring.

  4. JGlanton says:

    From the title of this post, I inferred that the story would be about bikini chicks who could ski later in the season thanks to climate change. And wear more bikinis and less ski clothes but maybe some boots or a hat. And I was thinking “yay global warming” and some other stuff until I saw that it was about rabbits. Well, that’s my story.

  5. Impeachable_Gumballs says:

    Teach, we may have to do that since species are incapable of adapting and migrating toward more preferred climates.

    JG, yeah, Teach is sneaky like that. Almost like he is trying to draw traffic in with a prey-n-switch scheme.

  6. Perhaps we can move urban liberals into the areas instead, since they voluntarily disarm themselves and become “prey”.

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