NYC, Bloomberg, To Waste Sandy Funds On “Climate Change” Projects

You won’t believe how much….well, you probably will believe it after all you’ve seen from these insane people, though Joe Romm’s Soros funded Climate Progress has no problem with the wasted money, as the writer, Brad Johnson, discusses

On Friday, the City of New York allocated $294 million of Superstorm Sandy recovery funds for resiliency projects to respond to the threat of fossil-fueled climate change.

(From the press release) The City has set aside $294 million for resiliency investments to be detailed in a report issued by the Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency later this month.

“HUD’s approval of our comprehensive Action Plan enables us to take the next critical step toward recovery – launching the programs for home rebuilding and business assistance that will rejuvenate the neighborhoods Sandy hit hardest,” said Deputy Mayor for Operations Cas Holloway. “We’ll also take the first steps toward making the City more resilient to the impacts that we know climate change will bring.”

What this looks like is more planning sessions, reports, spreading awareness, and all sorts of measures which won’t actually Do Something, but will also surely increase the cost of living in NYC, all for something that may or may not happen naturally in the far future, instead of spending the money to directly help the citizens of NYC.

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6 Responses to “NYC, Bloomberg, To Waste Sandy Funds On “Climate Change” Projects”

  1. Burning_Gumballs says:

    At least here, the libs have the right idea. If you just give the homeowners the money, they’d be better served. Many thousands of homeowners are STILL awaiting assistance. Many are drowning in funding red tape.

    Give the gov’t a chance, and they’ll screw anything up. They screw everything up. They’ve successfully screwed this country up.

    They’d rather see people suffer than give up the chance to advance gov’t bureaucracy and control.

  2. john says:

    well some think that planning is a good thing. But if you actually look at it most of the money goes into building up the beaches and shoreline

  3. Burning_Gumballs says:

    john, yes planning is good to do. Except, what Teach is referring to is the over-planning. Where people get together and plan on planning. They then talk about that plan during other planning sessions. They then later agree that a plan needs to be agreed upon and put in to motion. They then later come back and debate the merits of plans – amongst themselves of course. They’ll then send out planners to determine how best THEIR plan fits with their overall plan that they’ve been planning all along. Those planners will then plan how best to implement the overall plan for the betterment of The Plan. Those planners will then go back and submit their plans during another planning session. People will then come back and debate whether more plans need to be enacted and planned.

    Meanwhile, the budget is now gone and the planners are demanding more tax dollars because they still have planning meetings to setup and attend.

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