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Funny Stuff: Romney Campaign Bus Taunts Obamazombies

Team Obama probably thought the campaign was going to be the normal, where Democrats are allowed to do and say anything, and the Republican challenger had to sit there and take it. Yet, Team Romney has shown themselves to be highly agile this campaign season, responding with videos and such virtually before Obama has even […]

Friedman: “If Only Obama Would Talk About His Super Awesome Record”

The NY Times’ Thomas Friedman is a bit upset that his lord and master Barack H. Obama won’t talk about all his accomplishments, without realizing that most of Obama’s accomplishments are seen in a negative light by Americans DURING a recent discussion in Seattle with a group of educators, one of them surprised me when […]

Did Team Obama Pay The Washington Post For Fawning Coverage?

Apparently, they watched a different speech than the rest of us did. Here’s Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s Monday night repeat, via Gateway Pundit: Don Surber has some other quotes which lambaste President Snippy Pants. And So It Goes In Shreveport eviscerates (whoops, sorry, uncivil word) Obama’s class warfare scaremongering blamestorming 5 year old tantrum presser. […]

Know Why Obama Stammers? Cause He’s So Frikkin’ Brilliant!

No, really! So says The LA Times’ Meghan Daum Apparently, a lot of people consider President Obama to be bumblingly inarticulate. “The guy can’t talk his way out of a paper bag!” a reader wrote to me recently. “Sarah Palin is a brilliant speaker. It’s the president whose sentences are undiagrammable,” said another in response […]

Obama Abdicates Campaign Passion To Obama Zombies

It’s campaign season, a year and a half before the 2012 elections….hey, remember when Obama told the GOP there would be plenty of time for campaigning in 2012?…..and His Imperial Majesty Barack H. Obama has a message for supporters President Barack Obama made his debut as a candidate for reelection on Thursday night by urging […]

Politico Makes The Case For Libyan Kinetic Operations

After the initial silence of the Liberals, following Obama sending the US military to attack Libya (again, I agree with the actions), Liberals have been working overtime to find an avenue to say that Barack H. Obama, a man who was (supposedly) deeply anti-war, a man who would heal the world, build new bridges, was […]

Hooray! NY Times Says Obama White House Barely Involved With Wisconsin Protests

File this story under “media ObamaZombies”: Wisconsin Puts Obama Between Competing Desires The battle in Wisconsin over public employee unions has left President Obama facing a tricky balance between showing solidarity with longtime political supporters and projecting a message in favor of deep spending cuts to reduce the debt. Really? Well, it would have been […]

Sorry, Obama Zombies, It Was Climate Change That Caused Mubarak To Resign

Of course, the narrative is now that it was Obama giving another speech via TOTUS that caused Mubarak to resign, but, Science Blogs thinks differently The Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak, has resigned, finally relenting to weeks of massive protests. Is he the latest casualty of climate change? This is a provacative question, but I believe […]

Who’s Really To Blame For The Arizona Shootings? Obama And The Dems

Let’s go back in the time machine, shall we, all the way to February 2009 The Obama administration will seek to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 during the Bush administration, Attorney General Eric Holder said today. “As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that […]

Mo Dowd Blasts, Nay, Destroys, President Dude

Obviously, Maureen Dowd will assuaredly vote for Obama in 2012, yet, one can certainly see her pushing for a different Democrat to be the 2012 runner. She is not a happy bunny Barack Obama became president by brilliantly telling his own story. To stay president, he will need to show he can understand our story. […]

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