Mo Dowd Blasts, Nay, Destroys, President Dude

Obviously, Maureen Dowd will assuaredly vote for Obama in 2012, yet, one can certainly see her pushing for a different Democrat to be the 2012 runner. She is not a happy bunny

Barack Obama became president by brilliantly telling his own story. To stay president, he will need to show he can understand our story.

At first it was exciting that Obama was the sort of brainy, cultivated Democrat who would be at home in a “West Wing” episode.

It starts well, but, after only two paragraphs, you get the feeling that Mo kinda snapped and let the anger out

But now he acts like he really thinks he’s on “West Wing,” gliding through an imaginary, amber-lit set where his righteous self-regard is bound to be rewarded by the end of the hour.

Hey, dude, you’re a politician. Act like one.

I know where she’s going with this, namely, that he should stop being a “celebrity”, yet, Obama is still the consummate politician. He just acts like he’s still running for the 2008 general election. Perhaps, instead of acting like a politician, he should act like the President of the United States of America.

Reductio ad absurdum: After two years of taking his base for granted, the former Pied Piper of America’s youth had to spar with Jon Stewart to try to get the attention of young people who once idolized him.

Mo’s teeth are gritted.

Obama still has the killer smile, but he’s more often sniffy than funny. When Stewart called White House legislation “timid,” Obama got defensive and offered a less-than-thrilling new mantra: “Yes, we can but …”

We understand your expectations for the Obama presidency were a bit higher, Mo, yet, if you had actually understood the guy pre election, you would have known he did not have the comportment to be POTUS, much less act as POTUS. Well, president of the USA. He would be fine as president of ACORN or the SEIU. Though he didn’t have the experience to get hire for those jobs, either.

His arrogance led him to assume: If I build it, they will understand. He can’t get the gratitude he feels he deserves for his achievements if no one knows what he achieved and why those achievements are so vital.

Again, Mo, you should have known that someone who had no executive experience, never had to run a business, never had to be “The Man”, would have no idea what he is doing. The waves washed over his head long ago.

We want the best people to govern us, but many voters are so turned off by Obama’s superior air that they’re rushing into the arms of disturbingly inferior pols.

She got part of that right: Obama was unquestionably one of the best campaigners ever. Yet, campaigning is not governing, and Barry has been a miserable failure at that, and did show on the road that he should always be on a pedestal. That worked, for the most part, out on the campaign trail. It doesn’t translate well as POTUS. Slamming legislation through that We The People despise doesn’t help

But who defines what’s “right”?

With the exception of Obama, most Americans seemed to agree that the “right” thing to do until the economy recovered was to focus on jobs instead of getting the Congress mired for months in making over health insurance and energy policy. And the “right” thing to do was to come down harder on the big banks for spending on bonuses instead of lending to small businesses that don’t get bailouts.

Yet, at that time, Mo and most of the other elite Democrats and their supporters were thrilled that Obama was pushing healthcare and simply mouthing platitudes about jobs being #1. Now they see the aftermath, and they are thinking perhaps Obama should have done something different. Though they would have been unhappy campers had Obama and the Donkeys not pushed ObamaCare. He really was in a lose-lose with his moonbat base.

Without O’Care, though, Democrats would probably not be looking at the electoral loss tsunami approaching their way, and them with their feet stuck fast in the sand. They all over-read their so-called mandate. They thought they had free reign to implement their massively far left progressive agenda, despite most of the Democrats campaigning as Blue Dogs, including Obama. American’s are great at sniffing out bull fritters, and got a big whiff early on with the passage of the Generational Theft Act.

Good news for you, though, Maureen: you have a bit over two years to watch Obama implode even further, which should make some fun and angry writing material for ya. Don’t expect him to pull a Clinton. In fact, I bet he moves more to the left, and gets more snippy, angry, paranoid, etc and so on, as the assuredly GOP House pushes him. God help him if the GOP retakes the Senate. The mental breakdown of The One will be epic.

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