Funny Stuff: Romney Campaign Bus Taunts Obamazombies

Team Obama probably thought the campaign was going to be the normal, where Democrats are allowed to do and say anything, and the Republican challenger had to sit there and take it. Yet, Team Romney has shown themselves to be highly agile this campaign season, responding with videos and such virtually before Obama has even gotten done with his bloviating.

Today, Obama was supposed to be giving a “reboot” speech which included absolutely nothing but his standard litany of complaints, for which Romney gave a “prebuttal” which included

Romney said the president was “delivering a speech on the economy … because he hasn’t delivered a recovery for the economy.”

He also mentioned that “talk is cheap” and predicted that Obama would make a lot of his standard excuses. Obama did. here’s where it gets funny, via Buzzfeed

Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s guerrilla tactics continued Thursday, as the campaign bus circled the venue where President Barack Obama will be speaking this afternoon.

As it passed the assembled throngs of supporters awaiting entry to the event at Cuyahoga Community College, the bus honked its horn dozens of times, before circling around to do it again. Obama supporters jeered and booed each time the bus passed the line outside of the security screening area.

Liberals weren’t happy with this, because they are the only ones who are allowed to be aggressive. No More Mister Nice Guy brings the irony, as it is whining about Team Romney not being nice. Excitable Josh Marshall says this is all about “anger management.” Excitable Doug Mataconis is whining about this being “stupid campaign tricks.” Oops. Doug is supposed to be on the GOP side. That’s the problem, many erstwhile Republicans expect the GOP candidate to just sit there and take it, and never dish it out.

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4 Responses to “Funny Stuff: Romney Campaign Bus Taunts Obamazombies”

  1. I’ve become convinced Mataconis is a double agent.

  2. […] other hand, here's a Daily Caller columnist on his own blog: William Teach / Pirate's Cove:   Funny Stuff: Romney Campaign Bus Taunts Obamazombies.  Ha […]

  3. He has his good times. Unfortunately, lots of bad times, too.

  4. […] Let’s remember, many on the Left, and a few on the Right, had fits over Romney’s Bus taunting Obama supporters. The Mahablog, one of my favorite Lefty blogs, mentions me in a post entitled The Children Are Easily Amused I realize most of us would look on the circling bus episode and think, “WTF?” It looks silly and desperate. But Josh Marshall nails this — what looks like a pointless, juvenile stunt to most people speaks to the very heart and soul of movement conservatism. Because, basically, all movement conservatism amounts to any more is a great acting-out of juvenile rebellion. And the children are eating it up. […]

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