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NY Times Has Fit Over Other People Using Air Conditioners

More specifically, they are concerned about the rising use of air conditioners in 3rd world shitholes developing nations (NY Times) In the ramshackle apartment blocks and sooty concrete homes that line the dusty roads of urban India, there is a new status symbol on proud display. An air-conditioner has become a sign of middle-class status […]

Friday Stupid: Obama Wants Your Wedding Money

It doesn’t get more stupid than this Via Weasel Zippers, who wonders if Obama can be any more pompous. Seriously, this is more like a cult where you’re supposed to give up all your worldly goods for the cult. Or, really, the cult’s leader. Pathetic. Disturbing. More at protein wisdom. More: When even Wonkette and […]

If All You See…

…is a Gaia killing dog, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Ice Age Now.

Good Grief: In Rio, Statue Of Jesus Bathed In Green Light

All this was for the Rio+20 working taxpayer funded vacation, er, conference (Planet Gore) Green guru James Lovelock was right. He warned last week that “the green religion is now taking over from the Christian religion.” Now at the U.N. Earth Summit, even the image of Christ has been made a forcible convert to the […]

UN Investigator Says US Drone Strikes May Be War Crimes

Let me be clear: I mostly support Obama’s use of drone strikes against Islamist terrorists around the world. It’s one of the few things on which I agree with him. Actually, it’s more like agreeing with Joe Biden, who recommended using more strikes and less troops in regards to the surge in Afghanistan. The United […]

Washington Post: Congress Has A Right To Investigate Fast And Furious

Well, this is a bit of a shocker. The Editorial Board comes out in favor of Congress Perhaps it’s true, as the White House has argued, that Mr. Issa’s investigation has degenerated into a partisan fishing expedition. And perhaps yielding to that would discourage candor in the councils of this and future administrations, as the […]

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