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Funny Stuff: Romney Campaign Bus Taunts Obamazombies

Team Obama probably thought the campaign was going to be the normal, where Democrats are allowed to do and say anything, and the Republican challenger had to sit there and take it. Yet, Team Romney has shown themselves to be highly agile this campaign season, responding with videos and such virtually before Obama has even […]

If All You See…

…is CO2 infused beer which will cause the seas to cover Florida (which is OK if they vote Republican), you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is American Perspective.

If It’s “Global Warming”, Why Do Some States Warm Faster Than Others?

The NY Times ran a story yesterday meant to scare everyone and highlight the coming doom….sometime down the road when we’ll all have forgotten about this “climate change” hoax idiocy If those New England seasons feel far warmer these days than they were 20 years ago, it’s because they are. So are Florida’s, Arizona’s, and […]

Nanny Bloomberg’s Fizzy Drink Ban Highlights Wider Difference In Political Beliefs

Yesterday we learned, via the NY Post, that Nanny Bloomberg and his Board Of Health cohorts may look to regulate some other food and drink products along with restricting sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces (I wonder if it has occurred to Nanny B. that this would cause more plastic bottles to be discarded, many […]

Could Stoners Be Obama’s Secret Election Weapon?

Considering the inept performance of our 44th president and his penchant for eating food that his wife says is bad for Everybody else, maybe the legalization of pot is the perfect statement for his campaign: Is Legalizing Weed Obama’s Secret Weapon? This year there’s another incumbent president with modest approval ratings who could turn out […]

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