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AGW Today: Trees Are “Scary”

We’re doomed or something (Guardian) The African savannas appear peaceful but beneath the wings of birds and the hooves of mammals, a millennia-long battle is being fought. This struggle determines whether vast regions of the tropics and subtropics are covered in grasslands, savannas or forests. But a new study shows that rising concentrations of CO2 […]

Stimulus Recipient Abound Solar To File For Bankruptcy

Well, the Stimulus is creating jobs for lawyers and people who handle companies closing down (Businessweek) Abound Solar Inc., a U.S. solar manufacturer that was awarded a $400 million U.S. loan guarantee, is closing its doors and filing for bankruptcy, according to the U.S. Energy Department. Abound, based in Loveland, Colorado, borrowed $70 million against […]

If All You See…

…is a world killing plastic water bottle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.

SCOTUS Finds Mandate Constitutional As A Tax

It looks like the Mandate was shot down as the Commerce Clause applies, but was upheld as a tax. It seems that the court may have punted, 5-4 with John Roberts joining the liberals, the decision down the road to 2014 when the Mandate goes into effect (CNN) Question: Can the court decide the constitutionality […]

Romney: Obamacare Is A “Moral Failure”

Mitt doesn’t hold back (MSNBC) Mitt Romney reserved some of his harshest criticism of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law for the eve of the Supreme Court ruling that will decide its fate, labeling the law as “moral failure” by a president who chose to focus on healthcare, rather than jobs, at a time […]

It’s Mandate-maggedon: Obama Prepares 3 Speeches

Today is the day we should learn the fate of Obamacare. Will the mandate be upheld or go down? If it goes down, will the Court rule that there is no severability and tank the entire law? Will they tank other parts of the law? We should find out about 10am. In the meantime, Obama […]

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