Romney: Obamacare Is A “Moral Failure”

Mitt doesn’t hold back

(MSNBC) Mitt Romney reserved some of his harshest criticism of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law for the eve of the Supreme Court ruling that will decide its fate, labeling the law as “moral failure” by a president who chose to focus on healthcare, rather than jobs, at a time of national economic crisis.

“His policies were not focused on creating jobs. They were focused on implementing his liberal agenda. There’s nothing wrong with people having an agenda, but when the country’s in crisis, you have a moral responsibility to focus on helping people come out of that crisis,” Romney said at a rally here Wednesday evening. “It was not just bad policy; it was a moral failure to put forward a piece of legislation that wouldn’t help Americans get back to work, and to focus the energy of the White House on Obamacare.”

Let’s not forget that Democrats spent 10+ months putting that travesty of a bill together instead of dealing with the inherent instabilities in the economy. The Stimulus wasn’t helping people obtain long term work. The economy was just sputtering along despite the recession having officially ended in June 2009. And no one who voted for Obamacare actually read the legislation.

Romney went on to preview, as he did at a campaign stop in southern Virginia on Tuesday, his response to the court’s possible action on the law. The former Massachusetts governor said that if the law is upheld, he would work to repeal it as president, and if it gets struck down, he would replace it with “real reform.” Romney did not specify what such reforms would entail.

No, not during a campaign stop. But, would it be so hard for the media to head to Mitt’s campaign page and learn a bit? Much like the media says the GOP has no plans, when they do.

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3 Responses to “Romney: Obamacare Is A “Moral Failure””

  1. John says:

    I recall Obama claiming his would be the most transparent of administrations. And, how all bills in congress would be posted on-line for a week before votes so that all Americans could see for themselves what was before congress. I recall Pelosi saying the healthcare bill would have to be passed before anyone would know what was in it.
    The real problem always remained unaddressed. The real problem is medical cost – not how that medical cost is paid for. Insurance is not medical care. Insurance becomes another form of legal extortion when the real problem, inflated medical cost, remains unaddressed.

  2. Good points. We can’t forget that Obamacare does take on medical care costs in various ways, by making them more expensive by taxing them (like medical devices) and reducing the number of medical professionals who will accept medicare, medicaid, and certainly the government mandated insurance through the exchanges. Small physician run hospitals have been stopped by Obamacare, ones which would have helped people and reduced costs.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Dont forget, this is already being instigated. Many OTC meds are now no longer allowed to be used by your Health Savings Account. Now, people need to get a doctor’s prescription for OTC before your HSA can cover it.

    How nuts is that?

    Don’t forget, some people’s taxes went up last year too. Now add on higher commodity prices, lower employment opportunities, now higher debt loads by those people who did not take bailouts, jump on welfare, take 3 years of unemployment, get loans subsidized,…. all around this pres has made life much harder and much more miserable for EVERYONE.

    Yes, liberals, please tell me how good of a job he is doing. Please be specific.

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