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Darn It! I Missed “Global Wind Day”!

Fortunately, The Lonely Conservative didn’t forget Did you know that today is Global Wind Day? It’s a day for environmental activists to push for more funding for wind farms and indoctrinate young children. It appears that the corrupt Sierra Club (a group that took funding from natural gas companies before knifing those companies in the […]

If All You See…

…is an iPhone that uses too much electricity and has a large carbon footprint, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is No Frakking Consensus.

Joe Biden Hearts Chinese Cities

What could possibly make anyone think that Joe Biden doesn’t love America? This is what Biden told the Conference of Mayors on Friday (via the Weekly Standard) Also, as Tom Nelson points out, Joe says he’s traveled 600K miles around the world. Isn’t Joe a Warmist? Isn’t all that fossil fueled travel bad for globull […]

Good Grief! New Study Says I’m A Democrat!

Why? Because I like Jeep. I have 2006 Jeep Liberty (bought it in 2009 with 9,500 miles on it). Wendy’s is my favorite fast food place (spicy chicken combo!). I do prefer Dunkin Donuts coffee to Starbucks, though. Many of my answers to the other questions might be a bit different than either (Forbes) Democrats […]

MSNBC Wonders If A White President Would Get Interrupted During Speech

As you’re probably aware by now, The Daily Callers Neil Munro “interrupted” Obama by daring to ask him a question at the end of Obama’s statement announcing his new de facto immunity program (I’m not calling it amnesty, because the illegals in question are not being given citizenship. Yet). It was an ill timed question […]

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