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Stop Fretting Over Roberts, And GOTV

Smitty makes a good point While the analysis (over Roberts’ ruling) is worthwhile, I hope this weekend sees a shift away from fretting about Roberts and a renewed focus on getting the Court of Public Opinion arranged for the November opinion, which stands even more crucial. As I wrote in the comments, that’s what I’ve […]

Treehugger: Air Conditioning Is For “Entitled A**holes”

And it’s a menace to society (Treehugger) The notion that air conditioning should be enshrined as a fundamental right is preposterous—there’s a difference between feeling entitled to a luxury and defending a human right, after all. The New York Times saw fit to host a debate on that topic last week anyway, and Lloyd promptly […]

If All You See…

…is the death of the Constitution, you might just want to consider voting Romney (story on painting here) Babe below the fold

RNC Nails Obama, Dems On Broken Obamacare Tax Promise

I have to give it to the RNC this election cycle: they are responding, and responding fast (though, if God forbid a GOP big sees thia post, please fix the horrible and outdated GOP.com)

Nancy Pelosi Flounders Over Brian Terry’s Name During Holder Contempt Hearing

The question is, did she really not know his name well, or did she simply botch her reading of the speech? Via Newsbusters comes this video of Pelosi speaking during the Eric Holder contempt vote NANCY PELOSI: I think we all also agree, I think we all very, very much agree that we are very […]

States In No Hurry To Implement Health Insurance Exchanges

Most states have been lollygagging on creating the health insurance exchanges, ie, government sponsored insurance plans that include government mandates on coverage offered through governmentally approved insurance companies that everyone and every company must move to if they make any changes to their existing plans, and plan on continued lollygagging (WRAL) North Carolina lawmakers said […]

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