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Scientific American Hyperventilates Over NC “Making Sea Rise Illegal”

I’d forgotten about this story, I think I caught it the other day through Fark, till I perused Real Science this morning. The story starts out with a bunch of idiocy, followed by a few paragraphs discusses Amendment 1 (which banned gay marriage in NC) which has literally nothing to do with the issue, but […]

If All You See…

…is an evil beer infused with world killing CO2 that no one else should drink, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery.

Obama: The Cure For The Economy Is Thingamajigs

Via The Lonely Conservative, who points out that we’re going to have to listen to this crap from this babbling SCOAMF for the next five months. Hey, just wait till he loses in November. We’re going to have to listen to a different set of whiny crap. Anyhow (The Blaze) While stumping in Golden Valley, […]

UK Guardian: Only 100 Months Left To Save The World

The Guardian has been running a series for a bit called 100 months left to save the world. Yesterday they ran an article about Rio+20: don’t wait for disappointment from the bureaucrats, which is a hoot In three weeks the 20th anniversary conference of the Earth Summit will take place in Rio, Brazil. Once again, […]

Washington Post Reminds Obama That He Actually Needs Ideas To Win

This comes on the heels of the horrible economic news from Friday, which of course is surely Someone Else’s fault (sic) (Washington Post) Friday’s dismal jobs report and some unexpected words from Bill Clinton delivered a bracing reminder to President Obama and his advisers that the election remains primarily a referendum on his record and […]

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