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Entirely Reasonable Warmist Has No Idea What The Climate Will Do, But We Should Go With Carbon Taxes Anyhow

I love when Warmists sound reasonable, then expose themselves. In this case, Tim Worstall, who starts out by showing a picture of steam venting from what looks like a nuclear power plant, but is supposed to represent Evil CO2. After reasonableness and kumbya, we get The cumulative effect of all of these feedbacks is something […]

If All You See…

…are evil cows killing Gaia, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Conservative Commune.

Obama Sends Letter To Poland, Says “Regrets” Idiotic Choice Of Words

Still no apology though (AFP) US President Barack Obama has expressed “regret” at what he called his inadvertent use of the erroneous term “Polish death camp”, in a personal letter to his Polish counterpart made public Friday. “I regret the error and agree that this moment is an opportunity to ensure that this and future […]

Confirmed: The Less You Know About Science The More You Believe In The Climate Change Hoax

Just to be clear, by “climate change hoax” I mean the notion that man is mostly or solely responsible for every change in the weather, known as hotcoldwetdry, and the slight uptick in temperatures since the end of the Little Ice Age. And, in a bit of comical irony, we find out, via James Delingpole, […]

NY Times, Obama Admin. Expose Secret Cyberwarfare Program Against Iran

Surely, everyone could guess that the United States was involved in the cyber attacks on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Just like we can all guess that Iran is looking to create a nuclear weapons program, not use those reactors for peaceful energy production. Fortunately, the NY Times and the Obama administration are there to make […]

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