Nancy Pelosi Flounders Over Brian Terry’s Name During Holder Contempt Hearing

The question is, did she really not know his name well, or did she simply botch her reading of the speech? Via Newsbusters comes this video of Pelosi speaking during the Eric Holder contempt vote

NANCY PELOSI: I think we all also agree, I think we all very, very much agree that we are very sad and seek justice for the family of border patrol agent Brian Tay, Tay, Terry. His loss is a tragedy for all who knew him, for all of us who care about him, and we offer our condolences to his family. So sad.

Let’s consider: Pelosi is a long, long, long, long term politician. Anyone who wants to be a politician better be able to get people’s names correct. Did she just not read the speech, and stumble over the name? We’ve all surely mispronounced words while reading something, right? Of course, one would think that she would already know the name very well of the person she is expressing condolences over so that she doesn’t botch the name.

Meanwhile, the House did hold Holder in contempt, with Democrats whining walking off the House floor

(CBS News) The House took two votes, one on criminal contempt charges, which passed 255-67. The criminal contempt of Congress is likely not to go anywhere as the Justice Department, which Holder heads, is the department responsible for opening a criminal investigation.

The second charge, which passed 258 – 95, was a civil contempt charge, could move to federal court where it could take years to litigate. Though the action puts more pressure on the administration to abide by the subpoenas and provide requested documents.

The Democratic Party was split on the action. Seventeen members voted with the Republicans to hold Holder in criminal contempt while just under two dozen voted to hold him in civil contempt. But most, led by the Congressional Black Caucus, walked off the floor to protest the vote, which they called “appalling.”

The vote was more bipartisan than the Obamacare vote. And where was Holder yesterday? Asking Mickey Mouse for legal advice

(Red Alert Politics) On the day in which the U.S. House of Representatives has determined that Attorney General Eric Holder’s actions are egregious enough to warrant a criminal contempt vote, the AG has skipped town and headed to … Disney World.

According to the National Journal’s Daybook, Holder will be addressing the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) during a convention at a Disneyworld Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

I wish I could remember who Tweeted out the joke “Eric Holder, you’ve just been held in contempt. What now? I’m going to Disney World!”

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4 Responses to “Nancy Pelosi Flounders Over Brian Terry’s Name During Holder Contempt Hearing”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Holder joke is hilarious. That needs to be an RNC ad.

    A bit on Pelosi defense…. she seemed to be having denture problems all during her 2 minute speech. (at least, that was the time she was allotted to speak). Every so often, you’d see her throw her tongue up under her upper lip either pushing her dentures back in her mouth or trying to remove some broccoli.

    The whole thing was a compete circus. Was ashamed of the Dems crying that Holder was not given any time whatsoever in responding to the Contempt of Committee charge. And in the vein of Star Wars, they then wanted to create hearings to investigate the Repub allegations.

    Complete utter circus of fools.

  2. Dentures. Heh!

    Maybe she was just having a senior moment. Or, too much long term exposure to hippy smell.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Yes, because of the long-term exposure due to her time spent with her friends in the Occupy kookland.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    Pelosi: (and most Dems) “I know several Americans were killed by these evil guns, and some Mexicans that no one cared about were killed, but people don’t kill people. Guns kill people. We need to be finding these guns and not holding a cabinet level department responsible for letting the guns be sold illegally to illegal buyers.

    Holder did not sell these guns. Holder did not kill Border Agent Tay.. Terry. So why are the Republicans wanting to RUSH TO JUDGMENT after only 18 months of subpoenas? It is unethical, hypocritical, hypocratical, mean, and just not nice.

    We need to quit playing politics with the lives of Americans and start investigating where these guns came from. Who created these guns that killed Americans. We need to hold a lengthy investigation in to who allowed these gun to be made. Those are the people ultimately responsible. Not the head of the Justice Department.

    Instead of trying to find out what gun killed Border Agent Tayl… Terry, the unnice Republicans want to throw the justice department in to jail and allow criminals on to the streets to rape your sons and kill your daughters.

    When I was in power, I gave the Republican administration only 200 days to answer subpoenas, not 18 months. I was fair and a bit to kind. But I listened to Congressional leaders and held off for those 200 days before “I” filed contempt charges.

    I call for the Dems to walk out of the House in order to show America that we stand by the Farley.. umm..Terry family. No, we have not met with them or even spoken to them, but we plan to at some point. And they will know that we stand side-by-side with them when we punish the gun-walking gun companies that produced these guns against America’s will.

    Thank you speaker for giving me these last 15 minutes to speak for 2 minutes. I yield back the remainder of my time I don’t have.”

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