RNC Nails Obama, Dems On Broken Obamacare Tax Promise

I have to give it to the RNC this election cycle: they are responding, and responding fast (though, if God forbid a GOP big sees thia post, please fix the horrible and outdated GOP.com)

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5 Responses to “RNC Nails Obama, Dems On Broken Obamacare Tax Promise”

  1. Militant Catholic says:

    With all respect, who cares if the RNC nails Obama on… a lie? We just got socialized medicine! Forget what Obama did yesterday or any time before. 100% of the effort NOW has to be
    1) Winning the House, Senate, White House
    2) Making DAMNED SURE Romney doesn’t waffle on the TOTAL repeal message any time up to January
    3) Making DAMNED SURE Romney repeals this horror on DAY ONE.

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    Amen to that MC.

    Decent ad from RNC.

    And, its time we hold Repubs feet to the fire on elimination of subsidies and slashing the nation’s budget and debt.

  3. david7134 says:

    I don’t think people understand the ruling. Yes you now have socialized medical care. But in addition, the nature of the ruling made us a communistic nation. The feds now have unlimited power. What do the Republicans do? They put ads on TV. Big deal. What about the house of reps shutting down the government? What about charges against the ruling class for passing a bill without the proper format? What about states setting up groups to studey secession? We have lost our country. We will not get it back by voting Republican, Roberts was a republican.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    My old pessimistic bones refused to wake up this morning. No hyping or placating could convince them that there still was a future for Americanism. In the end, I once again had to lie to them that things weren’t that bad.

    How long have we talked about breaking up the 9th Circus? How long have we talked about overturning the incandescent bulb ban? How long have we argued against EPA and the Dept of Interior’s abuse of powers?

    I want a president that will come out and say, “You know what? We have all these military bases in America and we have a power and fuel problem. I’m going to build nuclear power plants on all our bases and fuel refineries to make sure our military has plenty of power and fuel. If perchance we have a bit left over, we’ll be happy to sell it to any city or state power grid that would like it. Oh, and I’ll rewrite the power source law to allow for any source, with no imposed ratios.”

    That’s how I lie to these old pessimistic bones.

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