Stop Fretting Over Roberts, And GOTV

Smitty makes a good point

While the analysis (over Roberts’ ruling) is worthwhile, I hope this weekend sees a shift away from fretting about Roberts and a renewed focus on getting the Court of Public Opinion arranged for the November opinion, which stands even more crucial.

As I wrote in the comments, that’s what I’ve been saying. Judicially and Constitutionally, the position of Roberts and the liberals on the Court was horrible. We know why, and we can argue it to death. But it will get us nowhere. Let’s get out there and win this election. Hold the House, see Romney win the presidency, and get at least to the 50 Senators threshold (remember, if Romney is president, a GOP VP will be the deciding vote).

Obama and the Dems damned sure didn’t want to campaign on Ocare, and didn’t, and saw a historic 2010 loss. Do you think Obama wants to campaign on taxes on the middle class? Romney and the GOP have done a darned good job in forcing issues and doing it quickly. They will attack on the Mandate tax, and the mandate has been and still is exceptionally unpopular. And they will attack on all the other taxes. It’s another front to attack on besides the economy. Though it is linked to the economy.

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2 Responses to “Stop Fretting Over Roberts, And GOTV”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    I agree.

    and get at least to the 50 Senators threshold (remember, if Romney is president, a GOP VP will be the deciding vote).

    Remember the last time this happened, the wimpy-butted Repubs allowed the Dems to roll them over and forced a “power-share” scheme that gave most of the rules and power to the Dems.

    Like Ace said, this is their last chance. If they blow it again, their party is headed for implosion.

    We need to assure at least 51 senators so that we can force repubs to stand tall.

    I’m not worried about Romney winning, but the Congressional seats could be problematic. Dems love to play conservative (as well as some Repubs) and then expose their Socialist roots once in power (as well as some Repubs).

  2. A good GOP strategy would be to force Dems to either defend obamacare or repudiate it. They can either stand up for the nanny state and higher taxes or distance themselves from a preisdent of their own party.

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