Treehugger: Air Conditioning Is For “Entitled A**holes”

And it’s a menace to society

(Treehugger) The notion that air conditioning should be enshrined as a fundamental right is preposterous—there’s a difference between feeling entitled to a luxury and defending a human right, after all. The New York Times saw fit to host a debate on that topic last week anyway, and Lloyd promptly skewered the ‘we should treat A/C like clean air’ contingent.

Treehugger’s archive is loaded with posts about why air conditioning is a menace to society (abridged version: it encourages folks to live in hot, unsustainable areas, it nudges architects towards lazy, inefficient building design, and, obvs, it uses a shitload of energy). Getting that idea off the ground is uphill battle enough. So we rarely discuss why exactly it is people get so worked up when anyone suggests that it might be a good idea to wean ourselves off the habit of installing refrigerators in our windows.

They get worked up because they do not like being hot. But, you might wonder about the asshole part

Many are outraged by our recent articles about air conditioning, saying that people are entitled to be comfortable and we are sanctimonious. I’ve been getting it for years, and Brian got it in spades this morning, with his post titled “Air Conditioning is for Entitled Assholes” before it was edited, but also noting that “Unfortunately, we are all entitled Assholes.”

However, how many Warmists actually give up their A/C units?

And, yes, we can do better with design to reduce the energy needed to power our air conditioning. Nothing wrong with that. Who wouldn’t want to save money while being able to keep their domicile cooler? Adding a ceiling fan will help (make sure it is turning the correct way, and reverse it when it gets cold). I keep my shades down quite often, especially in the front. My townhome faces east-west, and the front (west) gets a lot of sunlight. But, Warmists are whining about the use of A/C, yet they only want others to give up use or jack the temperature up to the high 70’s, which kinda defeats the purpose. Mine is at 73.

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2 Responses to “Treehugger: Air Conditioning Is For “Entitled A**holes””

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Why not throw a TAX on it?

    Guess they did, via carbon tax and higher cost of creating electricity now.

    How many nuclear plants in last 30 years? 1?

    How many natural gas plants have been turned down? How many coal plants have had to actually shut down due to regulations and operating expenses?

  2. I read earlier that no pro-carbon tax politicians in Australia were talking about the tax at all the day before it went into effect. Remember, the Dems passed cap and tax in 2009 in the House, but couldn’t get it throught the Senate.

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